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Titre: تدعو هيئة تحرير المواقف جميع الباحثين الجامعيين في حقول التاريخ والآثار وعلم الاجتماع والفلسفة وعلم النفس، من داخل الوطن وخارجه إلى المساه
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University of Mascara, Faculty of Humanities

CFP for the 12th Issue (2017)

Al-Mawaqif , Academic Revue of Researches in Society and History

The academic journal Al-Mawaqif (Opinions). Journal of researches and studies about society
and history, welcomes new submissions for its issue N° 12, 2017.


Al-Mawaqif is a peer- reviewed and multidisciplinary publication, we are especially interested
with the flowing fields: History, Archeology, Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy, and


Al-Mawaqif is an annual journal edited by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Mascara,


Deadline for submission:

March 15th, 2017


Expected publication:

December 2017


Contributions should be made as full research papers up to 6000 words in length, in Arabic,
English or French.


The manuscript submitted to Al-Mawaqif should not have been published elsewhere, and
should not be under consideration by other publication.


Manuscripts should be double-spaced. Use 12-point Times New Roman Font.


Manuscripts should adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological
Association, latest edition.


The Title should be as concise as possible and should appear on a separate sheet together with
name(s) of the author(s), affiliation(s), and the completed postal address of the institute(s).


References should be alphabetically ordered. Some examples are given below:


The review process usually takes about Five months. Procedures for
reviewing manuscripts are based on the anonymity of the author and the
confidentiality of readers’ and editors’ reports; hence, self-references
should be removed. Manuscripts are refereed by the members of the
editorial board and by other scholars. Authors will normally receive a
decision on their papers.

Contributions are only accepted via e-mail at: almawaqif(at)
Dr. TAIBI Ghomari
Editorial board
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Mascara, Algeria.
Email: Almawaqif(at)
Visit the website

Contributions are accepted by mail only: almawaqif(at)

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