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International Volunteer Day

Venue: Trapiang Sangke Fishing Community, Teuk Chhou District,
Kompot Province
Date: Saturday 10th – Sunday 11th, December 2016
Hosted By:

Organized By:

Mr. Thangdy Roun, Director of Workcamp Department
Mobile: +855-10 447 706, Email: incoming@cyacambodia.org & group@cyacambodia.org
CYA Office: #84, Street 22E1, SangkatKakab, Khan Po Sen Chey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/CambodianYouthAction


Welcome to CYA workcamp! As every year, International Volunteer Day (IVD) is celebrated among
the local and international organizations to gather in the event to share the experiences in the field
of social, educational and environmental development among the projects within the needed areas
all over the countries. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to propose a new activity of
volunteering together in the community where the mangrove plantation is promoted and sea life is
preserved! As an eco-tour village, we are glad to introduce to you which is the place suitable for
both relaxing and volunteering! We hope to get your interests in participating with us!!!!

Cambodian Youth Action (CYA) founded in January 2010 by a group of volunteers from difference
background and experience. CYA established in aims to promote young people education,
environmental preservation, and rural community development through voluntary service.
After founded, CYA president was invited by Networking for Development of Volunteers in Asia
(NDVA) to join the Training Work camp and the 9th Assembly in Taiwan. Since then, members of
NDVA have been supporting CYA members and organization to develop its capacity, and enrich
members experience in promoting and organizing voluntary service in Cambodia. With this
support, CYA has already organized four international workcamps, one exposure trip from George
Manson University, and one Cambodia-Japan group so far.
Cambodian Youth Action (CYA) is a non-profit, non-government, non-religion organization which
has not yet supported by government, funding agency, or company. All CYA staffs are working as
volunteer and the daily operation of CYA is running by participation fee receive from participants.
The incomes from the participation fee spend to implement the project, food, accommodation of
participants, CYA’s office, and other materials needed.


The community is located along the sea-string area about 30km from Kampot town so that children
are facing difficulty to enroll the language, computer class or any other skills in town. We were
suggested by community people to focus on English teaching and to provide some other
education materials for children in these communities. In addition, there are also in need of
volunteers to work on mangrove field. TrapaingSangke and Kampong Samky fishing communities
plan to plant at least ten thousands mangrove trees by 2013. Hence, CYA see this as an
opportunity for hosting international volunteers to work on this field. We believe that through
organizing voluntary service in these communities, we can help the local communities to develop,
plus it will be a good experience for volunteers to work on environmental issues and to explore the
living lifestyles of these two communities.
Aims of the activities:

• To contribute to the International Volunteer Day with the volunteering activities within the
community base project
• To participate with local community in setting up their eco-tourism and protect their mangroves
forest and fishing area
• To maintain mangrove forest along the sea string to prevent future flood by the sea level rising
• To raise awareness of the environmental understanding among the local people.

• To contribute to the community with the enthusiasm for environmental protection and
supporting the community initiatives for social development through engaging with eco tourism
provided by the community.
• To gain exciting and relaxing life experiences with the nature and learning from the local life of
the people within the community.

Volunteers are going to stay in the bungalows provided at the campsite with assistant from a local
host. The accommodation is equipped with simple sleeping mattress, blankets, pillows and
mosquito nets. There are separated bathroom and toilet where the water is from underground. It is
not very perfect but this is what the villagers use, and find it very comfortable for their daily life.
• Shoes and clothes
• Your own medicine though we will provide general medicine (itchy powder or allergic drugs…)
• Ideas for energizing game and activities
• Lot of love, motivation, and smile

The contribution requested for the event is USD 27.00 per person which includes the expense units
as below:
1. 3 meals @ the community (dinner on arrival day, breakfast and lunch on the second day)
2. Accommodation (bungalows for 2 people which is located on the sea stream)
3. Round trip boat cost for the mangrove plantation into the mangrove forest
4. Contribution cost for buying the mangroves for the plantation. (USD1/mangrove)
5. Kayaking can be asked for free of charge.
The proposed contribution fee does not include:
1. Transportation neither from Phnom Penh to Kompot nor from Kompot to Phnom Penh. That will
entirely depend on the number of the participants for the cost to be shared.
2. Personal expense for any drinks or snack within the period.

3 meals will be prepared by the host during the stay with fresh seafood directly from the
community fishermen. However, please be informed that pork will not be served due to the
component of the population is a mixture of Khmer Muslim residents.
Day 1: Saturday 10th, December 2016
2:00 pm – Departure from Phnom Penh to Kompot – TFC Fishing Community
4:00 pm – Arrival @ the TFC Fishing Community – Check in
5:00 pm – Orientation of the location by the host of the community
6:00 pm – Dinner @ the dinning hall
7:30 pm – Introduction of the community and the experience sharing by the chief of the community

Day 2: Sunday 11th, December 2016
7:30 am – Breakfast
8:30 am – Departure to the mangrove forest
9:00 am – Collecting the mangrove seeds & Plant the mangroves
10:30 am – Returning back to the community
11:00 – 12:00 pm – Seedling the mangrove seeds ( optional)
12:00 pm – Lunch @ the dinning hall
2:00 pm – Departure back to Phnom Penh

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