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ACCROCHES PARTIE 2 ‣ Luxury watches? Champagne? Meet the Montres Prestige team, Quai du Mont Blanc 19, have a glass of
champagne and discover our innovative timepieces.

‣ Take a short detour via the Boutique Montres Prestige at Quai du Mont Blanc 19 and come discover our best
collections along with a glass of champagne.

‣ Audemars Piguet, Richard Mille, HYT, Laurent Ferrier and more. Come and discover the most beautiful watch
brands in the V.I.P section of our Boutique Montres Prestige and while you are here, let’s share with you a glass of
Champagne as well, Quai du Mont Blanc 19.

‣ Boutique Montres Prestige, Quai du Mont Blanc 19, the place to be for fine watchmaking, invites you to discover its
best brands and share with us a glass of champagne.

‣ Are you in Geneva? Your new watch awaits you at Boutique Montres Prestige. Come and discover it and in the
meantime,... let’s offer you a glass of champagne.

‣ Near the Lake? Let’s share a glass of champagne; you will discover our exclusive watches at Quai du Mont Blanc 19,
Boutique Montres Prestige, Geneva.