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Friday, December 2, 2016
Theme: Addictive behaviors and related psychiatric disorders

Registration desk open


Oral sessions
Session 1: Tobacco use
Chair: Andrine Lemieux PhD




Exposure to community and collective violence during childhood and
smoking behavior among Tunisian adults (Hela Abroug; University of
Monastir, Tunisia)
Passive smoking and adverse fetal outcomes in non-smoking pregnant
women in Tunisia (Amal Amara; University of Monastir, Tunisia)
Epidemiology of psychoactive substances use among university students in
Morocco: a cross-sectional questionnaire survey (Btissame Zarrouq; Sidi
Mohammed Ben Abdallah University Morocco)
Gender difference in tobacco, alcohol and substance use among Tunisian
students in the region of Sousse (Jihen Sahli; University of Sousse,
Alcohol abuse during pregnancy: Somatosensory defects in adult mice
exposed to pre-natal alcohol (Oladiran Olateju; Faculty of Health
Sciences, Johannesburg)

Session 2: Psychostimulants use
Chair: Karim Aouam MD, PhD

Khat chewing habit in Saudi Arabia: a review of Khat studies conducted by
Substance Abuse Research Center (SARC) in Jazan University (Abdullah
Aalsharqi; Jazan University, Saudi Arabia)
- The combination of developmental stress and genetic predisposition
influences the response to psychostimulants (Jacqueline Womersley;
University of Cape Town, South Africa)
- Injecting drug use and risk of HIV transmission (Hayet Hamdouni; Ministry
of Health, Tunisia)
- Khat and alcohol use is associated with enhanced subjective distress
(Motohiro Nakajima; University of Minnesota, USA)
- Outcome of management of Adult ADHD in drug dependent patients
(Khaled Helmy; Alex Health Resort, Alexandria, Egypt)

Coffee/Tea Break
(Poster session 1: Poster presenters should be available and standing by
their posters to answer questions. Please see list in the program booklet)