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Don’t put off till tomorrow, what you can do today

Simple Past: showed
Past Participle: shown
Simple Present

Simple Past

Simple future

I show

I showed

I will show

You show

You showed

You will show

He shows

He showed

He will show

She shows

She showed

She will show

It shows

It showed

It will show

We show

We showed

We will show

They show

They showed

They will show

Present Continuous

Past Continuous

Future Continuous

I am showing

I was showing

I will be showing

You are showing

You were showing

You will be showing

He is showing

He was showing

He will be showing

She is showing

She was showing

She will be showing

It is showing

It was showing

It will be showing

We are showing

We were showing

We will be showing

They are showing

They were showing

They will be showing

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Future perfect

I have shown

I had shown

I will have shown

You have shown

You had shown

You will have shown

He has shown

He had shown

He will have shown

She has shown

She had shown

She will have shown

It has shown

It had shown

It will have shown

We have shown

We had shown

We will have shown

They have shown

They had shown

They will have shown

English Grammar for Beginners By: M.L.Kulabdeen