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Cobbles and Corks Cycling
Alsace to Mount Ventoux
3 mountain ranges, 3, 900 km (560 miles)
22,000 m/72,000 ft of climbing
11 days/10 days of riding
June 19 to June 29 2017

Have you ever dreamt of riding some
of the most beautiful and challenging
roads of France?
This exceptional tour will take you
from some of the most iconic climbs
in France to some of the most remote
and quiet roads.
We are limiting this tour to 7 lucky
It’s not an easy tour but the rewards
are unimaginable.
We will give you the biking experience
of a lifetime.
Following is the proposed itinerary:

Day 1, June 19: We will meet in Colmar in
the morning and drive you to Trois Epis to
your hotel. We’ll get your bike ready and
after lunch we will take an afternoon ride
thought the Vosges Mountains.
Dinner at my family home (I’m cooking!)
50 km, 1200 m vertical gain

Day 2, June 20: Trois Epis to Belfort. 104 km, 2500 m vertical gain

Our first mountain stage! We will ride up
to the Vosges’ highest point, Le Grand
Ballon, at 1350m it offers commanding
view to the plain d’Alsace and on a clear
day all the way to the Swiss Alps. On the
way we will climb the Col du Platzenwasel.
This climb is not very long but with some
12 % pitches, it will challenge anyone.

From the
top of the
Ballon it’s a
downhill to
We will all get in the van and drive 2.5 hours to the next mountain range, Le

Day 3, June 21: Bonlieu to Saint Germain en Joux. 92 km, 2000 m vertical gain

Today we will be
riding in the gentle
and lush Jura
mountains. This less
know French
mountain range
offers very quiet
roads through green
pastures and forest.
But don’t be fooled;
we will still climb
quite a bit! We will spend the night in the
small town of St Germain.

Day 4, June 22: St Germain to Col de grand Colombier to Le Bourget du Lac. 109 km, 2700 m vertical

Today we are following part of the 2016 tour de France stage 16. Our day start with a gentle ride on
quiet country road. But after 43 km, we will attack the not very well know but intimating Col du Grand
Colombier. This climb was one of the highlights of the 2016 tour de France.
We will spend the night in the lakeside town of Le Bourget du Lac.

Day 5, June 23: Le Bourget to Uriage. 105 km, 3200 m elevation gain.
Today we will be
riding one of my alltime favorite routes!
We will ride to
Chambery before
turning south and
entering the Massif de
La Chartreuse.
Our route will be
punctuated by 4
passes, but the first
one, Col Du Granier,

will get your attention! For the rest
of the ride, we will stay high in the
Chartreuse Mountains before
dropping toward Grenoble.
One more climb will take us to
Uriage for the night.

Day 6, June 24: Uriage to Bourg d’oisans. 95 km, 2900 m vertical gain

Only one major climb today, but its L’Alpes
d’Huez! This is arguably the most iconic climb in
the Tour de France. The ride starts with a gentle
40 km in the valley to Bourg d’Oissans. The
leisurely ride abruptly changes when we reach the
first switchback (of 21!) of the climb. You will
quickly understand what all the hype is about.
Once we reach the town of Ales d’Huez, we will
keep going up to Col de Sarrenne followed by a
gnarly but spectacular downhill back to Bourg
d’Oissans for the night.

Day 7, June 25: Bourg d’Oissans to Die. 94 km 2600 m vertical gain.

We will leave Bourg
d’Oissan and for the next
2 days we will ride some
of France least traveled
route. We will enjoyed
beautiful scenery and very
quiet roads. But as you
can tell from the profile,
it’s not going to be flat!

We will spend the night in the remote village of Les

Day 8, June 26 : Les Nommiers to Buis Les Maroniers, 96 km, 1500 m vertical gain.

Today we are heading south. It’s our easiest riding day. We will pass through lightly populated villages
on relaxing, isolated roads and watch the landscape change. Our destination, Buis les Maronniers, is our
gateway to Provence.

Day 9, June 27: Buis les Marroniers loop. As little as 40 km, but you can make this day as hard and long
as you want!
Mont Ventoux will be our backdrop. We
will ride around the Giant, enjoying the
blooming lavender fields of Sault and the
spectacular Gorges de Nesques.
We will return to Buis le Marronier for
the night

Day 10, June 28: Buis Les Marronier to Mazan via Mount Ventoux

Here it is! One the world’s most challenging and coveted climbs.
The pros take more than an hour to climb it. Let see how fast we
can do it!
The views from the top are amazing: from the Mediterranean Sea to
the high peaks of the Alps you will see much of France stretched out
before you. After the big climb we have the option of riding through
the beautiful wine country of Cotes du Rhone to enjoy a wine
tasting to celebrate this amazing 10 days of cycling!
We spend the night in Mazan for the night.

Day 11, June 29: After breakfast we’ll offer you a ride to Orange or Lyon to catch a train to your next
destination, or you could come back to our starting point in Alsace.

Cost per person based on double occupancy:

$3000 with 7 riders
$3100 with 6 riders
$3200 with 5 riders
(single occupancy $500 extra)

Included in the price:
10 nights of lodging in 2 or 3 star hotels
10 breakfasts
11 lunches
10 dinners
Support vehicle
1 Guide on the road
Mechanical support
Helmet if you don’t want to travel with you own.
Bike if you don’t bring your own.
If you are particular and love your bike we highly recommend bringing your own. We have nice carbon
bikes available but nothing beats your own ride. We cannot guaranty a perfect fit.
Not included:
Transportation to Colmar
Alcoholic beverages
Personal insurance
Personal expenses

Please contact Bertrand at (970)708 2661 for additional information.
We sincerely hope you can join us on this great tour!
Warm regards and happy trails,
Bertrand and Laura Marchal

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