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Product sheet
500 l CityScape is suitable for collecting mixed waste in parks, sport facilities and city areas.
Dimensions and materials
Volume 500 l
2000 mm, 1000 mm of which is installed under ground
500 x 750 mm
Well body material
HD Polyethylene
Lid HD Polyethylene
Lifting bag Polypropylene
Rotation molded well body is completely water proof. Filling hole situates about 0,7 m above ground level. Lifting bag
is made of strong woven polypropylene. Safe Working Load (SWL) is indicated in the lifting bag. There is an
aluminium lifting ring on the top of the lifting bag and four lifting loops are attached to the lifting ring. The closing
mechanism is situated at the bottom of the lifting bag. The SWL is 500 kg.

Framing alternatives
Painted aluminium (RAL tones)
Stainless steel
Molok®-Deep Collection System complies with the requirements of EN13071-standard.
Molok®-lifting bags are tested according to ISO 21898-standard.

1,0 m

10/2016/MTJ © Molok Oy

2,0 m

0,7 m


0,5 x 0,75 m

Molok Oy

Nosturikatu 16

37150 Nokia, Finland

Tel. +358 10 3429 400

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