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Produced by
Top 10 – in the most popular games rankings 2015
Over 100 000 000 registered players
Available on different platforms : PC, Xbox, PS4, IOS, and Android
Playable in all main regions : EU, NA, CIS and APAC
About 150 000 simultaneous online players on EU server every

➢ 7vs7 format
➢ In the past seasons, several improvements were made to the
World of Tanks eSports scene, creating a more viewer friendly
and enjoyable format.
➢ WGLEU, hosted by Wargaming and ESL, includes:
Wargaming Golden (pro) League – 8 teams
Wargaming Silver (semi-pro) League – 20 teams

➢ ESL Major League – additional League from ESL with 10 teams
➢ Faceit (active platform highlighting competitive mode)
➢ WG Tournaments (popular cups in game)

➢ Grand Finals (300k USD):
One of the biggest eSports events in the world
Two best teams from every server are invited + 3 wildcards
This year, there were over 18 500 visitors in the venue and around 2 000 000 viewers.

➢ Rumbles(200k USD):
Challenger rumble - Top 2 teams from all regions (EU/NA/APAC) excluding the last Grand Finals
winner’s region (CIS).

Champion rumble - top 2 teams of the Challenger rumble that will be
facing the last Grand Finals winner’s NaVi and one more top russian team.

➢ Regional Finals(100k USD):
After every online season (twice a year), Offlines finals are organised with
the top 4 teams of every regions.

➢ World Cyber Arena(≃300k USD):

Large event in China. Two best teams from each server are invited.

With recent changes, players’ pov is going to be added to the game. This
will add more depth and perspective for the viewers, thus increasing
viewership dramatically.
In the past season, WGL was composed of 12 teams.
In the upcoming one, the amount will drop to 8, making it more
competitive and giving better focus and recognition at the remaining
In term of numbers, the amount of viewers at the EU regional finals
(Past October) just doubled compared to last ones we had in February.
The next season and events (Grand Finals) are looking even more
promising compared to what we had in the past.
The eSports potential of the game is growing every patch increasing
viewership and interest of the playerbase.

➢ International team since August 2015
➢ Currently, players are from:


➢ Age between 17-22
➢ Achievements:

WGL Season 2 2015/2016 (rookie season): 5th
MLG Season 1 2016/2017: 3rd
WGL Season 1 2016/2017: 3rd

➢ Hard working top european team.
➢ Constantly improving our level and professionalism.
➢ Promotion in many languages (English, German, Polish, French,
Swedish and Dutch) in social media and streams.
➢ Ability to create valuable videos on YouTube, provide feedback
or reviews.
➢ Access to lots of bonus codes to promote organization in WoT
➢ One of the favorites for next season, realistic chances to qualify
to next Grandfinals that will take place in may 2017.
(≃150k simultaneous viewers at twitch for the past Grand Finals)

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