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Karambole Tours Francesca OneGirlOneWorld .pdf

Nom original: Karambole Tours Francesca OneGirlOneWorld.pdf
Titre: Karambole Tours

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Exploring the North and beyond
The North of Martinique is
gorgeous but wild. The best
way to visit is to go with a
knowledgable, experienced
guide. Too many tour
companies in Martinique are
spearheaded by foreigners
who take a short training
before leading tourists
around. Karambole Tours is
the opposite. It’s an
independent company led by
Christelle, who was born and
raised in Martinique. Her
tours, which are available in
English and French, are
animated with stories of local
wives-tales, historical facts
and anecdotes from her
childhood. I went on the 4.5
hour Pile et Face tour and
discovered hidden gems like
rivers and waterfalls I hadn’t
visited before. I also learned
that Saint Pierre is far more
than just a pile of ruins. Tour
stops are punctuated with local tastings of homemade hot chocolate, various rums and
snacks like pâté and pomme cannelle. Her research and expertise are evident and she
knows the response to almost any question that comes her way. Add a brand new air
conditioned van and some beach time into the mix and you have a great way to pack in
all the major points in one trip. With tours as low as 45 euros, you won’t break the bank
either. This option is good for those with or without a car as she offers pick up from Fort
de France (easily accessible by boat or bus; see Fort de France section)

You can reach Christelle at her website:

Copyright - Francesca Murray @

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