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‫عزوف الشباب عن االنتخابات‬
Youth represent the future of every sobriety, for they
are strong, ambitions and have rich ideas.
However, we notice today that there is a
disengagement of youth from the political life .More
than this, they do not take part in the elections and do
not vote.
There are many reasons behind youth disengagement
from the political life .First; young people have lost
confidence on polity, for they assume that it is just a
waste of time. Moreover, the people they have voted for
do not implement the promises. For instance, they do
not create recreational facilities in the neighbour
hoods, among other promises. Furthermore, the
problem of unemployment is another cause ok youth
disengagement from the political life.
As far as I am concerned, I think that young people
should take part in the political life in order to give
their opinions about many issues and to participate in
the process of development.
In conclusion, youth disengagement from the political
life is a big problem and the country should deploy
efforts to solve it.

It is maintained that globalisation has changed
our life, but there are some views that assume that
globalisation has affected our culture and social
On the one hand; globalisation has enabled us
to increase our local economy and has improved
our standard of living thanks to the economic
exchange of goods and services. For instance, we
can find in the markets all what we need in terms
of food, clothes, machines, cars and others
products. More over , today we can keep in touch
with different people via the internet that has
became a sign of globalisation, further more, the
wide speared of cell phones is another result or
outcome of globalisation that enable people to
contact each other.
But on the other hand, globalisation has
affected our culture and our local social values. In
other words, people have become psychologically
affected by other cultures which are different from
ours, because of the commercial exchange of goods
and the impact of other social values with could
lead to the elimination of our culture and local
values. For instance, the mass media plays a major
role at this level and influences our conventions
and traditions.
In conclusion, taking into account all what
has been said, it should be felt that globalisation
has changed our own beliefs and cultural values
since we are living in the age of information.

Dear Omar,
I’ve just received your last letter saying that
there’s no use in watching comedy films
and,hence,I’ve decided to reply to your letter trying
to convince you of the importance of watching films.
Well,watching at the same time.Firstly,it’s
very funny and amusing to watch comedy films in
other to refresh our mind forget about the hard
work of the day.secondly,by watching comedy films
we can change the atmosphere of the routine of
life.Thirdly,comedy films are full of humour and
they convey message.Last but not least,comedy films
are good for our health.
I hope thet I’ve managed to convince you of
the importance of watching comedy films.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Your friendly ;


Formal letter ‫رسالة الى مجلة‬

‫حول هجرة االدمغة‬

The informal letter :
importance of watching
comedy film


Generally speaking, society can draw many benefits
from women’s participation in the process of
+At the political level :
Since women have rich ideas, they can provide
society with new opinions and views that could be
exploited for the benefit of society.
For example, women can encourage other
women to take part in the political life and to
contribute to development.
-women are straight forward and have credibility. as
a result, they can help their society
-women are able to change the framework of political
life, because they have certain knowledge and
+At the economic level :
-women are able to improve the economy of society,
for instance, they can create their own projects and
contribute to the reduction of unemployment.
-women can increase the standed of leving of their
society by investing in many fields.
+At social level :
-women represent the present and future
generations, In other words, they can participate in
the well education of the next generation.
-they are capable of improving the culture of society.
In conclusion, it may be said that society can
really draw many benefits from women’s
participation in the process of development that is
why women should be given a certain importance in

Globalisation ‫فوائد و سلبيات‬

All of us do agree that smoking is a dangerous phenomenon
that strikes countries over the world to the extent that they
find it difficult to overcome it .first, young people,
particularly, smoke because they want to look men and
women. Also, some smoke as they have social problems too,
others have been affected by other people and thus, they
because addicted to smoking. What is more is that smoking
has negative consequences on the individual’s health and
could lead to dangerous disorders such as lung cancer. To
get rid of this habit the media should play its role by making
people aware of the effects of this phenomenon.
Moreover, laws should be passed to oblige people and to
prevent them from smoking in public places.
In conclusion smoking is a very bad habit and all of us
should think seriously about it.

Young people should be
involved in voluntry work
From my own point of view ,I think that young people
should be involved in voluntary work because ,they are
powerful and have rich ideas .too ;they represent the on
going of society. Also, they are very ambitions .that is
why they should be engaged in voluntary work .For
example, young people can participate in fighting
illiteracy by organizing evening classes .Moreover, they
can help poor people by taking part in a associations
that give a land to people found in difficult situations
.furthermore, young people can create green space and
clean their neighbourhoods.
In conclusion by doing this young people are
considered as good citizens.

112 Street A

March 12.2009-05-30

The Daily start
12 AV Azzouhour
Dear Editor,


Hi Omar,
I’m writing this message to tell
you about a wedding ceremony that.
attended lately, and more specifically last
The wedding ceremony, took place
in a big traditional house. Huge number of
guests attended the ceremony including
the members of my family.
First, we were given a variety of
Moroccan cookies and tea, to get her with
juice ,next, we ate meat and chicken
cooked with dried fruits. we also drank
soda and tea .also, we ate different sorts of
fruits. Then a group of orchestra started
singing. The quests danced and sang,
meanwhile the newly married couple
appeared, the bride wore traditional clothes
and the same thing for bride room .then we
ate the bride cake and drank some juice.
The quests continued dancing and singing
till the morning .Finally ,the married couple
left the traditional house towards a hotel
and we joined our houses.
The wedding ceremony was
fantastic because I enjoyed my self and I
felt relaxed.
Bye for now
Best wishes

Women and power ‫دور المرأة‬

Cultural is a broad term that stands for
different meanings and uses generally
speaking, it is the way we live ,First , it is
considered the way we wear our clothes
,we cook our meals ,we design our
houses, we interact with people ,we
decorate our homes ,and the way we
reflect our social and religious practise
.Second ,culture is also considered as a
variety of customs and traditions, for
instance, we can celebrate our feasts
respecting our own traditions and values
,moreover ;when we travel represents the
way people act and live their life in their
own environment.

I am a regular reader of your magazine the daily stars,
and I have recently read a lot about the phenomenon of
brain .Thus, I have decided to write this letter to suggest
some measures that may solve the problem or at least
reduce its negative effects.
Generally speaking, brain drain is a dangerous
phenomenon that strikes developing countries and it has
many negative effects. First, talented people become scare
in underdeveloped countries and this affects the economy
of these countries. second, countries face many problems
in terms of the lack of human resources. Third, these
phenomenon may influence other brain drainers who
become to think of emigrating. To solve this problem, the
government should create job opportunities and provide
skilled people with the necessary financial means to
continues their studies.
Another solution lies in the fact that countries should give
loans to educated people in order to install their own
projects .Too ;the government should encourage
investment in the home country to improve the economy.
My advice to my fellow-countrymen is to stay in their
home country so as to help the country to overcome its
economic problems and to participate in its development.
Yours faithfully ;


Cultural issues and
values ‫رسالة تحكي عن عرس‬

"‫أسباب نتائج حلول"التدخين‬


Brain drain
Brain drain is a new phenomenon that affects third
world countries.But while some people admit that we
should encourage educated people to stay in their
country,others appose the idea and assume that there
are more opportunities overseas.
To start with,highly skilled people think that they
should more to host countries where there are better
living and working conditions.
Too,the salaries are increased.also,educated people
can go on making research there and when they
return back to their home country,they can help their
country with their experience ;But on the other
hand,other people think that talented should stay in
their home country,otherwise their country remains
underdeveloped and the economy is affected for the
lack of competent people.Furthermore,the expertise
should be exploited locally.Moreover ,highly skilled
people,by staying in their home country can help in
the process of development.
In conclusion,Ithink yhat educated people should
stay in their home country in order to encourage the
improvement of their country.


Nowadays, the internet, among other
means, is a very important means of
learning .this can be explained in terms of
many reason. First , the internet helps us
develop and improve our knowledge , For
instance ,we can acquire and learn new
information via the internet. Second, the
internet enables us to communicate with
other people .for examples, we can chat
with foreigners and exchange ideas and
experiences .Third ,the internet permits us
to develop our research,especially if we
want to work on a subject of study.
Another words, the internet is a real and
useful reference.
In conclusion, giver this, it may be said
that the internet is really an important
mean’s of learning for its hage and various


Internet ‫ايجابيات االنترنت‬

Sustainable development
+the positive sides :
*among the positive sides of development there is
the fact that sustainable development makes life
much easier and makes people live in
prosperity.Also,it makes people follow the paths of
*It helps countries face the economic problems.
*It encourage the field of investment the creates,job
*It also encourages scientific reserch and provides
talented people with the financial means.
+the negative sides :
*the invention of nuclear and sophisticaticated arms
that thereat humanity and destroy building.
*pollution is another negative aspect of development
for factories pollute water,land and air with toxic
*immigration from the countryside to the city and
this leads to the birth of slum
houses,unemployment,margenalization,poverity and
crimes.so sustainable development effects the human
cultures and destroys its customs and traditions.For
example,the internet,cell phones,satellites and so
on,influence the social values of societies.

The role of science and technology
and its effect
Today science and technology have contributed to
the development of human life and have solved the
problems of many countries .but they have both
advantages and drawback.
First of all, science and technology have facilitated
the individual’s life thinks to the information the
means of transportations, such as planes trains and
so on and the means of communication, including
the internet, the cell phones, and satellite dishes and
so on so forth. Also, science and technology have
solved the problems of countries in terms of the
improvement of the economy and social life in
However, science and technology have certain
drawbacks for instance, pollution that is caused by
factories which throw away trash leads to the spoil
of the environment and the spread of toxic gages
which effect the people’s health and could cause
dangerous diseases. Moreover, science and
technology drive to the invention of weapons and
nuclear arms which kill innocent people and betray
huge building. furthermore, they effect the
individual’s culture. For example, the internet has a
strong impact on our traditions and has become an
In conclusion, we owe a great deal to science and
technology but they have at the same time many

Film review writing
The orange is one of the most famous
moroccan movies that can be enjoyed by a large
number of andiences. It can be seen by people of all
It is a romantic film set in 2005 and was directed
by NARJIS ENNAJAR . this film takes places in
ASILAH. It is about HOUDA ERRIHANI , the
protagonist of the film , who loves a policeman whose
name YOUSSEF ELJONDI. Houda tried to steal
oranges from a villa and youssef prevented her from
doing so. Then the story turns out to be romantic as
houda becomes to love youssef, and this technically
speaking, is well done by narjis , the director of the film
, as he makes audiences emerge in a love story full of
suspence. At sometime, the plot is an imaginary one
since houda attent to achieve youssef’s love and she
uses a lot of means such as letters, but youssef does not
receive the letters because youssef move to another city
and he falls in love with another girl whos he marries,
but when houda discovers the truth she loses her
temper. Finally the story turns out to be tragic.
The film is filled with lot of messages. First , people
should not be tray should be faithful. Second, they
should achieve their aims with faith and not with other
ways and methods such as magic. Another image
emerges from the mirror that the director reflects is to
hope for what fits you.






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