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We help to strengthen resilience of vulnerable people exposed to hazards and crisis situations and we respond to
disasters and conflicts to save lives and alleviate suffering. In the Netherlands with more than thirty thousand
volunteers and internationally through technical assistance, supplies and money. Together we act before, during and
after disasters to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people.
We do this without regards to nationality, race, religious beliefs, class or political opinion. Our seven principles guide
our humanitarian work: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
The International Assistance department is responsible for all Netherlands Red Cross international support for
victims of disasters and conflicts and for vulnerable people exposed to hazards.
The International Assistance department has opened a vacancy for a
Position title:

Livelihood Delegate

Duty station:

Les Cayes, Sud Department Haiti

Time period:

4-6 months

Starting Date:

December 2016 is preferred


Single posting

Purpose of the position
The support of NLRC focusses on Repairing Water Supply, Hygiene Promotion and restoring and Enhancing
Livelihood activities. The project takes place in Sud Department in 6 communes.
Damage to fishery equipment, trees, agricultural losses to subsistence and cash crops have a strong influence on the
short-term food security of the targeted population. Also on the longer term the improvement and protection of
agricultural lands against erosion and flash floods is necessary.
Our project focusses on:
- Support farmers with agricultural inputs.
- Enhancing livelihoods with longer term cash crops
- Planting (or replanting) trees for cash crops, as well as to contribute to prevent erosion and improve the
condition of the soil.
As a consequence of the impact of Hurricane Matthew on early October 2016 in the Haitian Greater Southern
region, NLRC started both Relief and Recovery activities under coordination of the IFRC, in cooperation with other RC
Movement Partners on the ground.
Position in the organisation
The Livelihood Delegate is part of the Project Team that is based in Les Cayes, Sud, Haiti. He/she will
report to the Project Coordinator who is also based in Les Cayes, Haiti. The team of NLRC works closely with other
Red Cross Movement partners, local authorities and INGOs in the target areas.

Summary statement and responsibilities
 Adjust and improve the activity design and planning
 As the foremen work together with the team in the implementation of all activities as laid out in the
plan of action.
 Ensure proper planning taking into account Environmental Impact Assessment
 Manage the effective and proper use of assets, financial resources and facilities according to standard
procedures in order to comply with auditing requirements.
 Assure full compliance of operations with principles, rules, regulations and policies, operational
strategies and relevant reference documents and policies (do no harm).
 Manage a beneficiary registration system for delivery and monitoring of livelihoods support to identified
target groups.
 Ensure constant monitoring and analysis of the operating environment, timely readjustment of the
operations, advice on legal considerations and risk assessment.
 Support monitoring, and after action reviews/rapid impact evaluations of livelihood projects undertaken
in order to identify lessons learned – and with a view to potential scale up.
 Support and coordinate livelihood staff to deepen data collection and analysis for assessing livelihoods
support opportunities in identified areas – both from affected communities, and in terms of market and
labour market analysis
 Document learning for future programs
 Any other tasks that may be required (within reason) to achieve the objective of this assignment
 Degree MA level qualification or equivalent. Preferably, the degree should be in a relevant field or
 Experience in forestry (to prevent erosion combined with offering sustainable cash crops) is preferred.
 Experience of designing, implementing and monitoring livelihood programmes.
 Minimum of 3 years experience in livelihood programmes.
 Experience of developing systems to monitor the appropriateness, effectiveness and impact of livelihood
programme interventions.
 Ability to work in French and English required,
 Experience of working with local governments and within an NGO context
 Experience of working in a multicultural team
 Experience in providing technical support to livelihood programmes
Key competencies
 Cultural and Gender awareness and sensitivity
 Good communication and interpersonal skills. Must be able to work with many different functions from
high level decision makers to technical specialists.
 Good written and oral presentation skills
 Willingness and ability to work in difficult environments, in often stressful time-critical situations.
We offer

A full time appointment (based on 40-hour work week) for 4 months, with the possibility of extension
depending on the situation
A flexible and human centred working environment in an international environment with a variety of
international organizations.
Well balanced employment conditions with space for initiative and development.

 Please send your resume in English and letter of motivation with reference to Annemieke van Teeffelen
before 13 December to

For further information regarding the position please contact Paul van der Laan via email:

An assessment can be part of the selection procedure.
For more information of the work of the Netherlands Red Cross please go to and NLRC on Facebook: and Twitter:

Acquisition for his vacancy will not be appreciated


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