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- Call for Papers The Higher Institute of Applied Studies in the Humanities
Sbeïtla, Kasserine
In cooperation with
The Laboratory on Approaches to Discourse (LAD), Sfax, Tunisia
The Tunisian Association of Young Researchers (TAYR)
Organize a Study Day on:

Date: February 6th, 2017
Venue: ISEAH Sbeitla

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines hermeneutics as “the
methodology of interpretation […] concerned with problems that arise when
dealing with meaningful human actions and the products of such actions, most
importantly texts. As a methodological discipline, it offers a tool box for
efficiently treating problems of the interpretation of human actions, texts and
other meaningful material”. Etymologically, the term derives from the Greek
messenger god Hermes whose mission was to understand and interpret the gods’
message to human beings. Although the term “hermeneutics” generally refers to
text interpretation, mainly in the fields of religion and law, Schleiermacher
widened its scope to include all human documents and modes of communication.
Gadamer and Ricoeur went as far as to include all human activities under the
umbrella of Hermeneutics. Nowadays, hermeneutics has even become a social
research method. Within the agitated socio-political, ethical and religious state of
the world today, studies of hermeneutics have invigorated and interpreters are
creating and recreating meaning(s).
The study day is intended to find out how hermeneutics, which originated in
ancient Greece and gained popularity as a method of analyzing Biblical text
during the seventeenth century, has recently expanded its focus into several
qualitative research areas. We aspire to sensitize researchers and students to the
significant multifarious applications of hermeneutics.
The study day welcomes abstracts in English, Arabic and French from all
disciplines targeting, but not limited to, the following axes:

-Hermeneutics and History

-Hermeneutics and Media

-Hermeneutics and Culture

- Hermeneutics and Religion

-Hermeneutics and Psychoanalysis

-Philosophical Hermeneutics

-Literary Hermeneutics

-Hermeneutics and Deconstruction

-Digital Hermeneutics

-Hermeneutics and Translation

-Hermeneutics and Forensic Linguistics

- Hermeneutics and Feminism

-Visual Hermeneutics

-Hermeneutics and Mythology

*Abstracts of around 150 words should be sent to
before January 1st 2017.
* Notifications of acceptance will be sent by the 6th of January 2017.
Steering Committee: Zeineb Derbali, Ismaiil Chouaibi, Mhamed Krifa,
Wiem Krifa and Ines Ghashem.

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