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PrestaShop Module

Installation Guide

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

What is the purpose of the module « la Navette Pickup »?
This module offers a shop to shop delivery solution for your website. It includes a dynamic
Google map fully integrated to the checkout process. Your customers can choose from a list
of the 10 closest shops to their address in our Pickup network.
The module also manages the edition of the transport label.
It is very easy to install and set up on your website.
It is compatible with versions V1.5.x to V1.6.x of PrestaShop.

How to install the module?
Very easy, there are only 4 steps!
1. Download the module
2. Configure the module
3. Set up the « carriers » menu in your back office
4. Test the module
This guide will help you through all 4 steps, and also explain how to find your orders in your
Back Office.

December 2016

Page 2

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

1. Dowloading the module
You can download our module in the « Modules » tab of your Back Office:
1. Go to the « Modules » Menu
2. Search the module “la Navette Pickup” in the search field
(Note: the search must be made in the French modules list only)
3. Click on « Install »

If you have already downloaded our module in zip file, proceed through the following steps:
1. Go to « Modules » in the menu
2. Click on « Add a new module »
3. Choose the file on your computer and click on “upload this module”

Once the module is uploaded, you must contact our Customer Service at the address to receive your login and password. You will be asked to provide
the following documents:

The address of your website (ex:
The ID address of your server (ex:
Your RIB (French banking ID)
Your KBIS (French business registration extract)

December 2016

Page 3

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

2. Setting up the module
Once the module is installed, you need to set it up. Click on the « HOMEPAGE » tab of the

Once you have received your ID and login, click on « I AM ALREADY A CUSTOMER » and
start the set up.

December 2016

Page 4

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
You will be redirected to the « SENDER INFORMATION » tab, as seen below:

Fill in you Web Services Login and password in the first block called « YOUR LOGIN »:

In the second block « SENDER DETAILS », fill in your information (name, email, telephone

Note :
- The sender name will appear on the transport label and in the emails sent to your
recipient. Choose the name you want displayed to your customers.
- The email and phone number will be used to send you notifications during the
parcel’s transit.
December 2016

Page 5

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
In the third block « YOUR DROP OFF PARCELSHOP », choose the Pickup Parcelshop where
you will drop off your parcels:

1. In the search field « Parcelshop », type in your postal address to display the closest
drop off points
2. Select a Pickup Parcelshop

1. In the Pop-in, click on « Choose this drop off point »
2. Click on « Save » to save the changes
Note :
- You can change the drop off Parcelshop at any moment
- If your Parcelshop is closed (annual leave…), you will be notified by email so you can
select another drop off point.

December 2016

Page 6

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
You can now continue to the « ADVANCED SETTINGS »:

In the 1st block « YOUR LOGS », you must select « no » by default. If you encounter an issue
with the module, we will ask you to activate the logs.
In the 2nd block « YOUR OPTIONS », you can set an extra fee for deliveries to Corsica, to be
applied to your customers’ price. The fee is in Euros VAT included.
Notes :
- The extra fee we charge for all parcels to or from Corsica is of 10€ VAT excluded.
- If you do not fill this field, no additional fee will be billed to your customer.

December 2016

Page 7

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
Finally, you can continue the set up in the next tab « MANAGE YOUR SHIPMENTS »:

This tab enables you to personalize the shortcut buttons displayed in your « La Navette
Pickup » order list. The buttons are shown below in red:

These buttons are very useful to quickly update the order status directly from the order list.
This way, you do not need to access to the detailed page of the order. You can configure 2
statuses for your orders:

Line « Status “under preparation” »:
When you order is in the “payment accepted” status, you can easily update it to a new
status with this shortcut button. Just choose one status from the list.
For example, if you select “under preparation” in the list, when you click on the shortcut
« Change status » in the order menu, the status of the order will automatically be
updated to “under preparation”.


Line « Status “in transit” »:
When you just dropped off the parcel, you can update the order with the 2nd shortcut.
For example, if you select “shipped” in the list, when you click on the shortcut
« Shipment sent » in the order menu, the status of the order will change to “shipped”.

If you have any questions or issues while installing this module, you can contact us at the
address indicated in the very last tab “Contact us”

December 2016

Page 8

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

3. Setting up la Navette Pickup as a Carrier
Once you have configured the module, you need to set up la Navette Pickup in the Carriers
1. Go to “Shipping”, then « Carriers », then select « La Navette Pickup »
2. Click on « Edit »

You are redirected to the « General Settings »:
1. In the field “Carrier Name”, type « La Navette Pickup ». This is the name displayed to
your customers in your Front Office site.
2. In the field « Transit time », write a short description of the service for your customers.
For example, « Receive your parcel in a Parcelshop within 48H »
3. You do not need to upload a logo, it is already integrated by default in our module.
4. Click on “Finish” to save the settings.

December 2016

Page 9

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
Continue the set up by clicking on the 2nd page « Shipping locations and costs »:
1. In the field « Add handling costs », indicate if you wish to add them or not.
2. In the field « Free shipping » you can choose to make the delivery free with our service.
3. In the « Ranges » grid, you can create your rate grids by country* or zone, and
according to the parcel weight.
4. Click on the “Finish” to save the settings.

To add a country or zone, follow the classic PrestaShop process as follows:
2. Click on « Zones »
3. Then click on « Add new zone »

December 2016

Page 10

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
Once in the Zones menu, you can add a country of geographic zone:
1. In the field « Name », type the name of the zone
2. Select « Yes » to activate the new zone
3. Click on « Save »

Next, continue the set up in the next tab « Size, weight and group access »:
1. In the fields « Maximum package height (cm) », « Maximum package width (cm) »,
and « Maximum package depth (cm) », indicate your maximum dimensions allowed
by our service, which are:
- maximal length 100cm
- maximum girth is 250cm (length + 2 x width + 2 x depth)
2. In « Maximum package weight (kg) », type 20 kg

December 2016

Page 11

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
The user of your module La Navette Pickup must have the permissions to edit the labels,
change the status of the delivery or delete. To do this, you can assign permissions from your
SuperAdmin account in your Back Office:
1. Click on the "ADMINISTRATION" in the menu
2. Click on the submenu "Permissions"
3. On the line "La Navette Pickup", check all boxes

December 2016

Page 12

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

4. Display in Front Office
Important: It is mandatory to test the module by placing a fake order before you put the module
in production.
The delivery mode la Navette Pickup works with the standard order display type (5 steps
checkout process) or in One Page Checkout (fast checkout process).

To set up the order process type, go in your Back Office and follow these steps:
4. Click on « Preferences » in the menu
5. Click on the submenu « orders »
6. In the field « Order process type » select either « Standard (Five Steps) » or « Onepage checkout »
7. Click on « Save »

December 2016

Page 13

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide
Once you are done with this set up, you can proceed to testing the Front Office pages linked
to La Navette Pickup. You will find below the Parcelshops map as it should appear on your

When you select « La Navette Pickup » as carrier, the 10 closest parcelshops from the
customer’s address will be displayed. The distance between the parcelshop and the address
will also be displayed.
It is possible to look up other parcelshops by typing a different address in the search field
above the map.
The customer selects a Pickup Parcelshop by clicking on « Select this Parcelshop » on the
map. The chosen parcelshop will then appear with a green highlight.

December 2016

Page 14

Module PrestaShop - la Navette Pickup - Installation Guide

5. Orders follow-up in Back Office
You can visualize all your orders with us in the menu « Orders », sub-menu « La Navette
Pickup ».
With the shortcut buttons, you can easily change the order status from this page without
clicking on the detailed order page. You can also proceed to various actions on that page.

Go to « Orders »
Click on « La Navette Pickup »
Print your transport label by clicking on « Print »
Easily change the order status from “payment accepted » to « under preparation » by
clicking on the button « Change status »
5. Change the status from « under preparation » to « shipped » by clicking on the button
« Shipment Sent »

December 2016

Page 15

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