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So Bookul presents “Le Cahier des Bonnes Feuilles”
After the official announcement of its creation in a brilliant article a few weeks ago, the collective of Reading is
so Bookul concept communicates
this time on its first project: From
2017, will appear every year a
literary document entitled "Le
Cahier des bonnes feuilles ". It will
be a collection of first-class texts
from various works by
contemporary authors, with
particular attention to books that
have been pre-selected for the
Grand’ Prix of literary associations,
all editions combined. To this end,
the GPLA Team has agreed to make
all its works available to the
This first Reading is so Bookul
project endorses the fundamental
principle of this young movement,
which is to celebrate authors
otherwise than awarding them
trophies, but also try to repair the
"injustice" of literary prizes by
showing that perhaps it would be
possible to find a much better
excerpt in an unsuccessful book
than could be found in an awardwinning work, be the latter, taken
as a whole, a masterpiece. Many
books to peel in perspective, in the
noble hope of proving that one can
find oases in the desert. This
© So Bookul!
literary crossing will surely requires
a camels’ stamina. Just say good luck to the Collective for their first book adventure!
Morgane OKO

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