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25 price road, RD 4 Wallacetown, Invercargill 9874
Phone : 0274868803 - Mail :
26 years old

OBJECTIVE: Carreer progression in the dairy industry

Education and qualifications
2009-2013 Agricultural engineer diploma


Master of science degree, trade, and international market
 Agriculture, Agribusiness, Environment and Management

2008-2009 Preparatory scientific studies

Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Work experience
August 2016 Farm assistant at FiveBrocks Limited dairy farm
Now 300 ha, 700 cows, bale rotary
 Milking, shed


calving, mating,

fence, irrigation,

WallacetownSouthlandpasture New Zealand

January 2015 Commercial, sales business for Bio3G
May 2016 Innovative biostimulant solutions for agricultors ( Animals, soils, plants )


 Help clients to increase the profitability of their farm

January 2014 Commercial, sales business for Isagri
August 2014 Farm management software that combined passion for agriculture and new


 Promote customers relations, selling and commercial prospection

Internship as sales Assistant in Triskalia, agricultural cooperative
March 2013 Help agricultors to optimize and secure their agricultural raw commodities
September 2013  Soya, colza and sunflower cake, wheat, maize

Landerneau France

Estrées-Mons June 2012 Internship in Agro-transfert
August 2012 Analysis of the opportunities of the develop of biomass crops on territories with
issue to preserve water quality

June 2010 Internship in the cooperative APAVAM in Peru
October 2010 Fairtrade, diagnosic socio economic, coffee quality control
Summer 2009

Moyobamba Peru

Training period on a dairy farm
 Milking cows, alimentation,
supervision of the herd



Skills and activities
Skills TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication)
Diploma for youth leaders and workers
English and Spanish: written and spoken

Activities Horse-riding
Travels : China, Europe, North Africa, Peru, Brazil,...



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