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We are offering Formal Limousine Hire Sydney services for celebration of your
academic achievements and hard work by arriving in an exciting and deluxe
Sydney Limousines Hire Services. We have the largest series of unique super
stretch limo for your grand event. From our H2 Hummer to our 300c Chrysler
Stretch, you can experience the adventurous traveling just like a roller coaster

Wedding Limo Hire Sydney
Wedding is actually special for every couple,
but what you say if you take entry in a royal
manner on your grand event.... Yes, for
grand entry and memorable day, just book
our Wedding Car Hire Sydney service.
Our professional chauffeur will pick you
from your home and drop you to your venue
safely and hassle-free. You can enjoy the
video and music in the car. Isn't it best
surprise for your gorgeous bride? You have
to give this wonderful surprise to your lady
love and make her feel special.

Corporate Cars Hire Sydney
We provide you vehicle according to your
need that can accommodate perfectly to
your requirement. You can choose our
chauffeur for hassle free and memorable
Corporate Transfers Sydney service. All
you have to do is to sit on the back seat
and let our disciplined chauffeur take
care of your necessities. Our main goal is
to serve you with the best Sydney
Corporate Transfers facility that is time
and cost effective and is a right option to
the traveling requirements of individuals
in of the corporate world.

Chrysler Stretch Limo Hire Sydney
Sydney Urban Limo Hire is the most prestigious Stretch Limo Hire service
provider in all over Sydney & we feel delighted to provide our valuable clientele
a superior selection of Stretch Limos. Our Stretch Limo Hire Sydney service is
just like having your own VIP room & it's fitted with the advanced possible
specification, guaranteeing that your Stretch Limo Hire Sydney experience is

We provide Stretch Limo Hire Sydney for all types of special occasions & events
with high class standards of quality, luxury and reliability at competitive
prices. Our professional chauffeurs, excellent service, and dependable timing
will exceed your prospects for luxury transportation.

Benefits of our Sydney Airport Transfers
Luxurious sedan, quick and hassle-free to and from Sydney Airport
No queuing for taxis and decrease traffic hassle
Deluxe door to door transport service
Flat prices available for airport trips
Professional, disciplined and well-uniformed chauffeurs who know what your
exception is.

Hire Limousine for Special Events in Sydney
Our efficient and courteous staffs shall ensure that others admire you for your
(sincerity and) punctuality in attending the special events that you are invited
for. When required, they can even pick and drop your guests, thereby sharing
your responsibility.
We pride in our seasoned chauffeurs who are aware of all possible short routes
to avoid peak hour traffic in cities. All we need is an opportunity to serve you
and win your trust!

About Us
Being a human being having grand dreams to attain big goals is such an
optimistic thing. Nowadays, various people want to live posh life just like
eminent celebrities, then why you prefer to travel in an ordinary car. At Sydney
Urban Limo Hire, we serve you grand and royal experience of traveling in our
huge collection of deluxe sedans. You can travel in style with stunning
automobile with our Limousines Sydney Services.
Bring your favorite music DVD or CD to play on our fantastic quality multiscreens and sound system. Our Sydney Limousines Services provides you
professional chauffeurs who are efficient, dedicated and well-mannered to
ensure you have an enjoyable moment. Chauffeur is quite familiar with all the
roads and routes, which is helpful to pick you from airport and drop you at
your destination on time. You will be wondered how cheap it will be per head.

Contact us
8 Garden St, Blacktown,
NSW 2148

Phone: 1300 868 996, +61 403 322 769
E mail:

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