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Privacy Policy

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This privacy policy explains how information about you is collected and used by
By accepting our Privacy Policy, you agree to let MadMoodGames collect and
use information about you in accordance with the purposes listed below.

The app is not intended for use by children under 13 and we do not knowingly
collect personal information under 13.
The Privacy Policy may change and if we make changes, we gonna change the
date at the top of the document.

Collection Of information :
The app doesn’t send any information to MadMoodGames.
Information collected by the App :
-The application collect automatically you play game default account to permit
the game to establish a connection with service. This information is mandatory
for using achievement and online score.
-The application may use bank card information for the in-app purchase. This
information are send by your card previously entered in the google Play Store.
-Some feature of your device are recovered for the application.

None of the information are share or see by anyone. Any information are
specific to the application and stay in your device.Only the default account and
some feature of your device stay in your application. The bank card information
aren’t keep in the application.
By MadMoodGames

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