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The Accord Sedan/Coupe (V6) SRS includes a driver's airbag located in the steering wheel hub, a passenger's airbag
located in the dashboard above the glove box, and side airbags ('00-01 models) located in the front seat-backs.
Information necessary to safely service the SRS is included in the '98-01 Accord Sedan/Coupe (L4) Service Manual,
P/N 61S8008. Items marked w i t h an asterisk ( * ) on the contents page include or are located near SRS components.
Servicing, disassembling or replacing these items w i l l require special precautions and tools, and should therefore be
done by and authorized Honda dealer.

• To avoid rendering the SRS inoperative, w h i c h could lead to personal injury or death in the event of a severe frontal
collision, all SRS service w o r k must be performed by an authorized Honda dealer.
• Improper service procedures, including incorrect removal and installation of the SRS, could lead to personal injury
caused by unintentional deployment of the frontal airbags (and/or side airbags on some '00-01 models).
• Do not b u m p the SRS unit, Otherwise, the system may fail in case of a collision, or the airbags may deploy w h e n the
ignition switch is ON (II).
• SRS electrical w i r i n g harnesses are indicated w i t h y e l l o w color coding. Related components are located in the
steering column, front console, dashboard, dashboard lower panel, in the dashboard above the glove box, in the
front seats ('00-01 models) and around the floor ('00-01 models). Do not use electrical test equipment on these