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The notion of “exemption” doesn’t exist it was replaced by “inability” -BO n°3 of January 20th
1994: “the candidates declared “unfit” will be evaluated following the coalition table applied to all
the candidates. When one of the activities in the project is contradicted medically for the candidate
it will be replaced by another one, if possible in the same domain of action, and agreed by the
teacher responsible of the class”
The medical certificate must indicate part or the whole inability. The length cannot be longer than
the entire school year. All temporary incapacities must be justified by a medical certificate
presented to the teacher (and then to the reception).
An inability of 3 months or more means a medical visit from the school doctor (infirmary), who
will confirm if the medical letter is reasonable or not.
In case of a disagreement, the school doctor opinion is the only valid one.
The presence in class is still obligated even if the student is unable to participate in the sport.
Exceptionally, the exemption of a lesson can be solicited by the family with a letter, presented to the
teacher who takes the decision to exempt the student or not. The student is never authorised to leave
All students must respect the sport facilities (gymnasium, dressing room…), any deliberate
deteriorations will be punished and billed to the parents.
Any movement will be placed under the responsibility of the sport teacher. The student must then
strictly respect the orders given by their teacher (stay with the class, cross only with the
authorisation of the teacher).
All students who are late can be accompanied by an adult of the establishment to rejoin the class.
All students return to the school at the end of the lesson with the teacher. In case of an absent of one
of the teachers responsible of the class, the 2nd sport teacher present can go and take the control of
another class to assure the sport lesson if he does not already have a lesson.
1st ARTICLE: The students must be Assiduous, turn up in class with their equipment (book, sport
clothes…), learn their lessons and do their homework.
2nd ARTICLE: Connections with the family are helped with
• The correspondence book which the student must always have with him: it contains all the
information related to the school: absences, reunions, and school trips, the eventual
disciplinary observations. School notes at the halfway point of the trimester, the absences
and the delays. The parents are invited to sign the regularly and can use it to book an
appointment with a teacher or other members of the school community.
• The students diary where all his homework is suppose to be written.
• The online class diary where is written the daily lesson and homework
• the terrestrial report sent by letter, after the class meeting.
• Appointments between the parents and the teachers are organized during the 1st and 2nd
1st ARTICLE: The right to speak
all students have the right to be heard by the class delegates or the CA.
2nd ARTICLE: Right to orders and information:
A counselling psychologist is always in the establishment. The parents and the students who wish to
have a meeting can book an appointment at the secretary’s office.
The center of information and documentation (CDI) is a place concentrated on reading, document
research, information on the students and jobs. Its open on the hours written on the door to the CDI.