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Style and spirit


e is one of the most talented
hairdressers of his generation.
He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink alcohol
and works hard, but like a high-level
athlete, he  is also forward-thinking
and cultured. He  is ChristopheNicolas Biot, Wella’s International
A rt ist ic A mba ssador, t he  man
behind the Bar à Chignon Minute
and the go-to hairdresser of Isabelle


Huppert, Laetitia Casta, Emmanuelle
Seigner and other award-winning
French actresses. Just a few steps away
from Avenue Montaigne in Paris,
his premises are above the Balmain
showroom, in a majestic 550 m² salon,
L’Appartement Trandline, his  new
address on the Right Bank.
By Laure Delvigo


You are Wella’s International
Artistic Ambassador, you set up
the Bar à Chignon Minute, you
created your own organic haircare range and botanical
colouring range, “Bio by Biot”,
you have a salon on Paris’s Left
Bank in St Germain, L’Atelier
BioT and now one on the Right
Bank, L’Apartment Trandline.
Christophe-Nicolas Biot, do
you ever stop?
After being artistic director of the
Vog group, I decided to take my
career in a new direction in 2009
and to sign an international artistic contract with Wella. Thanks
to a chance meeting, I acquired

py, because in a way I think I’m a
major player in the business today.
We go forward by coming up with
ideas. So not everything I come up
with necessarily has an audience,
but in general it does. It’s not always
the same audience and that’s what
is interesting. Actually, that’s what
I  like, because I think I have a
chameleon personality.

Marianne Gray’s salon, on the Left
Bank where I set myself up in 2010.
I opened the Maison de Coiffure,
in the heart of St Germain des Prés,
then the Bar à Chignon Minute
which just took off.

metaphors like that in life. Besides
comfort and appearance, the  suit
gives you a hard shell, a kind of personality too. And I like this idea
of metaphorical clothing. With all
these concepts, the idea is to appeal
to clients with different tastes: some
are looking for botanics, others for
glamour, sometimes they want the
fun side of St Germain, in a way
only St Germain knows how to do,
in a way the 8th arrondissement can
never quite manage.

Everyone has copied your
concept …
As Coco Chanel said: “Take my
ideas, I’ll have others.” This is so
true! Imitation is the best form of
flattery so in the end, I’m very hap-

People say you are eclectic,
what do you say to that?
Eclectic, yes, but without compromising on quality. I like to wear a
different suit every morning because
every day is different and I think that
clothes tell a story as well. We see

Which artists inspire you?
Jacques Brel and Mick Jagger.
Jacques Brel is someone who had a
wonderful way with words, a poet,
who knew how to speak to people
through his poems and songs, while
Mick Jagger, with his gestures,
his sensuality, his charisma on stage,
his animal side speaks to me through
his actions. I try to reference this in
my shows.
Isabelle Huppert, Laetitia
Casta, Emmanuelle Seigner,
Isabelle Adjani, Juliette
Binoche… Many celebrities
entrust their appearance to
you. Who has made the biggest
The first woman I met in Paris 14
years ago, who really helped me and
gave me a boost, is Emmanuelle
Seigner. I was unknown, I came here
from Mulhouse - can you imagine?!
I was lucky enough to go to a theatre
to give some advice, and made friends. Emmanuelle began to trust her
hair to me, and suddenly an article
appeared in Elle magazine! In hindsight, I can see the importance
this might have had for my career.
Other projects and other meetings
followed, like Eva Herzigova or
Isabelle Huppert, who I look after
in the studio as well as in my salon.
What are the expectations of
clients at L’Appartement in Rue
Pierre Charron and those at
the Maison de Coiffure in Saint
The expectations are the same.
Whether you are in 500 m² or in
150 m², someone having their hair
styled in Saint Germain on the Left
Bank will have the same expectations as on the Right Bank. They are

looking for a high level of service, an
individual signature and above all a
personal service, that is what is most
important and that is what makes
us stand out. Having said that, no
woman goes out with the same
hairstyle or the same colour. We are
not concerned with trends, like a
group that brings out four photos
and everyone must leave the salon
like that, because they are blonde.
I don’t do stereotypes.
What does Christophe-Nicolas
Biot dream of doing next?
Good question! If there is one
I thing I dream of, it is of being able
to take my time and to have time.
Last Sunday was wonderful: I got
up, I did not look at my watch,
I  had no timetable and I walked
around Paris, strolled to the Bon
Marché. That is a real luxury for me,
not to have to follow a fixed programme, not to be tied down to a
specific schedule. Dreams are also
about projects. I always need to have
a project in my head so that I’m
moving forward. Until now, I have
worked hard without looking back
and thinking about what I‘ve achieved. Now, it is starting to build up
and suddenly I find myself looking
back, and saying ‘Ah yes, I did that,
that, that and that’. Before I didn’t
really take the time to appreciate it,
because one project led into another.

64 Rue Pierre Charron
75008 Paris

If you were a painting, what would you be?
The Mona Lisa. It’s a classic and that little smile suits me!
Or for something more surreal, The Son of Man by Magritte.
A song?
Mon Enfance by Barbara and
Suzanne by Leonard Cohen.
A book?
La Bicyclette Bleue by Régine Desforges
What is your favourite perfume?
Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. It brings back memories.


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