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Study in India BROCHURE .pdf

Nom original: Study in India BROCHURE.pdf
Titre: Study in India.cdr

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Temples and Architecture

Temples and Architecture

Morning Walk, Yoga, Meditation

Lecture Demonstration and Sculpture Workshop

Temple Tours

Cultural Evening, Quiz and Storytelling Sessions

Study India: Temples and Architechture,
Helps Understand and Appreciate;
- Evolution of Indian Architecture
- Iconography in Indian Religious Art
- Inuence of European Culture on
Indian Architecture
- World Heritage Sites, Ancient
Temples and Cave Temples
- Techniques of Sculpting

Temples and Architecture

The Methods include - Interactive Sessions,
Demonstrations, Experimental Workshops, Experience
Sharing by Eminent Personalities, Visits to Places of
Relevance and Study Materials
The Medium of Instruction is English

Program Fee and Related Details:
Onsite Learning (4 Weeks - Residential): USD 3000
Includes: Accommodation, Food, Local Travel, Study/Experiential Trips,
Study Materials, Health Insurance

Blended Learning (2 Weeks - Residential): USD 1600
Includes: Accommodation, Food, Local Travel, Study/Experiential Trips,
Study Materials, Health Insurance

Disclaimer: The program excludes expenses to and from India, Visa, Leisure trips outside of the
curriculum shopping expenses, individual food preferences and any other exigencies

Directorate of Transferable Skills and Leadership Development
University House, Gnanagangothri Campus
New BEL Road, MSR Nagar
Bengaluru-560 054
Tel:080 - 4536 6666 (Ext. 657)

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Study in India BROCHURE.pdf - page 4/4

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