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Postdoctoral  Position  in  Epigenetics  -­‐  Paris,  France  
Location:  Institut  Jacques  Monod,  Paris,  France  
A  Postdoctoral  Research  position  is  funded  by  the  Fondation  de  la  Recherche  Medicale  
(FRM)  in  the  group  of  Sandra  Duharcourt  at  the  Institut  Jacques  Monod  (IJM)  in  Paris,  
France.  The  successful  candidate  will  drive  a  project  on  the  mechanisms  and  regulation  
of   genome   rearrangements   in   ciliates,   particularly   the   role   of   epigenetic   factors   and  
non-­‐coding   RNAs.   Experimental   approaches   include   molecular   biology,   biochemistry,  
genomics   and   cell   biology,   as   well   as   bioinformatics.   The   position   is   for   an  
experimentalist  with  a  strong  background  in  biochemistry  and/or  molecular  biology,  or  
a  computational  biologist.    
IJM   is   an   interdisciplinary   research   institute   for   basic   research   in   the   life   sciences.   It  
brings  together  biochemists,  cellular,  molecular  and  developmental  biologists  to  create  
a   multidisciplinary   and   collaborative   environment.   It   offers   opportunities   to   interact  
with  other  institutes  in  Paris  (Institut  Curie  and  Institut  Pasteur).    
Candidates   must   have   a   Ph.D.   and   an   excellent   academic   and   research   track-­‐record.  
The  ideal  candidate  will  have  the  following  skills  and  qualifications:  PhD  in  molecular  
biology   or   relevant   field.   Strong   experimental   training,   experience,   and   publications  
from   the   Ph.D.   Ability   to   work   independently   and   creatively,   as   well   as   collaboratively.  
Strong  research  and  written/oral  communication  skills  are  necessary.    
Applications  (including  a  cover  letter,  CV,  statement  of  research  interests  and  a  list  of  
three  references)  should  be  sent  to    
More  information  can  be  found  on  our  website  

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