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Hello ! How are you ?
Hello ! I’m fine. What’s your name ?

My name is gaspard and i just walking door-to-door checking if
anyone needs any odd jobs.

Maybe… Which odd jobs wuould you be ready to do ? Why ?
I would like to do some babysitting or rake the leaves because i
love children and I am a master at gardening.
Would you be able to look after a baby ?

Sure, last time I looked after a baby he hurt his head.
Oh ! I would prefer you to rake the leaves. I need you now for 10
£. Is it Okay ?

How much did you say ?
15 £ ?

I would prefer 20 £
Hello ! I saw your ad at the supermarket

Hello ! I’m quite busy now but you can talk about this with my
wife. Gaspard, go to the garden and get down with your job !

Hello ! I’m my husband’s wife ! Are you here for the odd job ?
For the babysiting ? Yes of course. I don’t like children but i love

Me too ! it’s why i’m with my husband! How muche do you think
i should give you for 3 hours by week ?
I would like 50 £ an hour

Why don’t you come 3 hours this wednesday afternoon ?
Ok, how often would you need me ?

Twice a month. Oh ! Last question, have you ever taken care of a
baby before ?

Yep ! Last month, I loooked after a baby all week-end long.
Perfect ! Does that sound ok ?

I know i’m perfect and it’s Ok for me. Bye !
Bye !

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