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The parent company, Anita International General Trading LLC, was
established in the year 1979 in Dubai, UAE. Since the inception,
the company has catered to a number of clients of various over the
Gulf region and has successfully achieved a great level of consumer

LED Lighting - NAKASHI
In 2012, the company ventured into the field of LED lighting, naming the brand
Nakashi. Using our knowledge and expertise, our aim is to offer higher quality
standard products. Hence, we primarily cater to projects requiring reliable
products. Since we get the goods manufactured among our approved factories,
we are able to control manufacturing costs and ensure great quality of our

Benefits To Our Customers
Quality & reliability: All products come with a warranty period
of 3 to 5 years.
Price: Our primary aim is to establish the brand by market
penetration with quality poducts. Hence profit margins are
Customization of the goods: Several options can be offered in
order to attain the required product.
Datasheets and IES files: Offer complete technical details and
to create simulations.
Certifications: Products are certified among VDE, ETL, TUV,
UL, FCC, CB, SAA, CE and RoHS.
Technology: We maintain great relations with our
manufacturers and are always among the first few to be
informed on new introductions in the market globally. We offer
such set of information to our clients to keep them in loop.
This may enable having an edge in project design.
Support: Providing since 1979, and going on.


LED Flexible Strips

LED Down Lights

LED Panels

LED High Bay

LED Floodlights

LED Tri Proof

Contact Us
Mr. Ajay Awtaney
Mobile: +971 55 7869699
Fax: +971 4 3535200
Email: ajay.a@nakashi.ae
P.O.Box: 4185, Juma Al Masjid road,
near Dubai museum, Bur Dubai,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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