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Alexandra Bensadi : Inside sales - Dropbox
December 20th 1987 ( 28 years old)
Mobile :

• Business developer TagCommander ( still working) – 1 year and 4 months

Commander :

Handle the generation of leads - Study the market and identify companies Sas solutions and
agnositic leader in
Identify and introduce the relations with the prospects, by any means. Contact the prospects by
telephone, by e-mail or by using the social networks; - use an existing database to qualify the existing France : tag
prospects or prospecting «from skratch " - Build a first quality contact with the concerned interlocutors management,
- Communicate effectively on the vision of TagCommander with the prospects on the French, Belgian attribution systèm
data management
and Swiss markets. - feed a Pipeline , Profil : « friendly »
Results: 20 appointements minimum by month all sectors<<< objectives ok since their establishment.
7 sales people to assist
Major accounts detected in hunt: M6, 20 min, France television, FIAT, Natixis, Rossel, Randstad, Sanofi,
several E commerce store , software actors : Carrefour, Sergent Major, Ventes privées, lexis nexis, etc)
CAC 40 : Schneider Eletric : Media : TF1, BPI France, Cultura, Attractive World, Orange, TV5monde,
Dailymotion, almost all media entities catched in France, work also Public sector included « pole
emploi » or « politic organism « : dila Boamp or (1st council of french gouvernment SIG)
Listing on demand ( not global)
More than 50% calls converts into opportunity.
176 opportunities openned
Follow up of sales portfolio to support sales activities
75% of opportunities due to Prospection activities : others or tradeshow,etc.

platform and Raw

4/5 Recommendations: Nicolas Perrillat sales – Last sales director TagCommander,
Michael Froment CEO, Francois langrand Co-founder, Sales coworker, marketing lead
<<< Available on demand ( but still working)
• Account manager (Bouygues immobilier, leparisien, piscine desjoyaux, prêt d’union,
edition atlas : 13 accounts in portfolio) – 9 months
Analyze results (profits) and reporting’s aimed at key KPIS , strategic recommendations of optimization of the
devices and (plans) of broadcasting, advices on the levers of acquisition and partnerships affiliates to set up.
Deployment and optimization of campaigns on the tools of administration – Identification, recruitment and
animation of members' network - Optimization publishing affiliated partnerships

• Business Developer and account management on 4 products direct accounts
announcers hunt department : 6 months

Time One
(Old : Public Ideas)
Platform member of
the CPA
(Regroupment of
affiliations platforms)

( Ex :Valueclick)
4 products: Main one
Commission junction , Adserver Mediaplex, Mobile Greystripe ( IAD mobile network competitor video and mobile Commission Junction
(1st American group
advertising, Valueclick Media : All kind or remuneration possible : Display, e-mailing: cpc, cpl, cpa, cpma
in Affiliation,
- Roles : hunt and sales developement, customer loyalty of a customer portfolio announcer; CRM; follow-up of
Junction )
the implementation of the campaign and their progress with the trafficking team
3 Recommendation of General Director and sales coworker available on demand

• Business developer Campaign performance 9 months

Account manager " Campaign performance ",Development and followed by the customer portfolio /
publishers on sectors Media, Comparator, Insurance(Assurance), Telephony, Gaming, Agencies,
Institutional, Health, E - trades and Mass-market retailing(Large distribution)
Launch of a new service(/department) of co-registration: product named premium Collect - Plan of
Project management – mechanics of Advertgame
Customization(Personalization) of the offers customers
Realization of the exercise books of production and product catalogues on major accounts
Representation of the company during events of the profession:
Follow up of the campaigns with trafficking

Actiplay :
B2B brand of Group
(GCM). Actiplay
creates marketing
and promotional
campaigns using
online gaming for

3 Recommendations of general director, sales manager who I assisted and co worker in trafficking
team available on demand.
• Communication on and, Home office Training 3
Internal communication
French/English generic administrative supports(media)
Model / Wording/content of standardized mails on system of sponsoring, listing of the categories of site for
automation of the platform (new adserver)
External communication
Revision logo, writing(editorial staff) and distribution(broadcasting) of press releases, work on template
Wikipedia page and contained
Update of the FAQ and CGV, Regulation(Payment) game(set,play) competition(help), moderation forum,
Prospecting for the implementation of partnership with team

Groupe Ludis
Media Inc.
Media adgency,
based in Sheirbrook
specialized in
internet marketing, 8
platforms in europ

• Junior marketing product, Bussy Saint Georges ( 77 ), 2008/2010 2 years
Special event management
Participation to the organization of the press conference launch Windows 7
In charge of partnership for event Intel so in 2010 and lounge(show) business IT Partners on 2009
Private party to the VIP ROOM PARIS for launch produces (RP Laurent GUYOT office)
Organization of seminaries(seminars) in France and international ( 14 Subsidiaries)
Web / assistantship of the Marketing Analyst
Writing(Editorial staff) of network newsletter B To B and B To C
Realization of scripts for videos FLIXMEDIA (rueducommerce,, surcouff, etc.)
MAJ of the institutional site: editorial, technologies, logos / labels(tax stickers) produced
Web reporting and monitoring in French and English on key indicators
Generic Web assistantship (followed check of capping, rotation, CTR, advisability...)

MSI Computer
of laptops, All i One
touch screen and
motherboards and
graphics cards

5 Recommendations available on demand : Sales and marketing director and 4 coworkers I assisted


Product/Project – Spreadsheets – New Business Developement – Prospecting on major account and mid market

Computacy and

Microsoft service(office) , affiliations platforms : campaign deployment - Platforms of reporting / monitoring
Google analytics ( free usual notions) , Internet (search, SMO), Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver
( notions)


Powered by TCPDF (

Presentation & tools, Online & Offline Event

French English


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