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EnglishCV .pdf

Nom original: EnglishCV.pdf
Titre: EnglishCV

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36, rue de l’Aiguillerie

34000 Montpellier, France

+33 6 46 49 09 27

French nationality

To obtain a six months internship from March to August 2017.
Field of molecular biology, biotechnology and pharmacology.


Master « Detection and Traceability of Biological and Chemical environments »
University of Montpellier – 2015 to present
Bachelor's degree « Biotechnologies, Bioresources and Biotraceabilities »
University of Montpellier – 2014 to 2015
Technology Degree in Biological Engineering, specialization in biological and
food industry
University Institute of Technology of Montpellier – 2012 to 2014


March to July 2016 — Centre for Biopharmaceuticals - Copenhagen, Denmark
Intern in Organic chemistry about epigenetics, Histone Deacetylase (HDAC)
Inhibitors and cancer.
« Inhibition of Sirtuins using a lysine-based tripeptide scaffold »
✓ Solid phase peptide synthesis
✓ Peptide analysis by LCMS, HPLC and NMR
✓ Inhibition assay experiments
April to June 2014 — Research Centre on Aging - Sherbrooke, Canada
Intern in Molecular biology about Alzheimer’s disease.
« Study on the apolipoprotein gene’s polymorphism affecting the metabolism
of lipid transporters »
✓ Protein extraction from tissues and organs
✓ Western blot and analysis


Microsoft Office and Apple softwares.
ChemDraw, MestReNova, R Studio.
Online tools related to database research
and genes’ analysis.


Boy Scout, from age 8 to age 18.
Travelling around Europe and North America for personal or professional reasons.
Strong interest in painting and reading.

French — mother tongue.
English — fluent speaking
and writing.

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