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A Jury has rarely been as divided as that of
the GPLA 2014! According to the report of
the second edition of the Grand’ Prix of
Literary Associations which has just been
made public, there was a tie between two
authors in the Research category
(Barthélemy Kom Tchuente and the
laureate Hermine Kembo), as well as in the
Belles-Lettres category (Mutt-Lon and the
laureate Charles Salé). Logically, the
authors who benefited from the
preference of the President of the Jury
were crowned. The latter having,
moreover, the prerogative to sign the
parchments of the laureates. A real
suspense to discover entirely in this little
book of 81 pages that the GPLA Team puts
at the disposal of journalists, writers and
literary associations.
Here is a small excerpt from the report:

the end of this collection of memories
and procedures of the GPLA 2014, We,
members of the Team, are hoping that this
pamphlet will satisfy its readers upon the
targets it’s all about. First, unveil the
procedures and the roadworks that have
led to the designation of the Laureates, as
a proof of objectivity and clearness ;
Second, gather the archives of each edition
and make them public, so that within
decades or centuries historians and
researchers find it easier to rewrite the GPLA Odyssey. For just as an Icon wrote afterwording a masterpiece, We are firmly
convinced that The GPLA monument will be more lasting than brass. ”

GPLA Student Day: The third edition will be held in Senegal
The rumor has been running for some time: the third edition of the GPLA Student Day will be Senegalese. For good. It should
be paired with another major student event at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, powered by the “Journal
Universitaire”, an associative body working at the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, which has just testified by an official
letter the receipt of a hundred books from the GPLA team. The books are to be distributed to students of the said university
as part of the third edition of the GPLA Student Day. According to The Team, these are brilliant works from various editions
of the GPLA, including Jacques Fame Ndongo's "Essai sur la sémiotique d’une civilisation en mutation" and "Tram 83" by
Fiston Mwanza Mujila, winners at the GPLA 2015, respectively in the Research and Belles-Lettres categories. The donation is
estimated at more than one million and two hundred thousand CFA francs, including shipping costs to Senegal. Funds have
been collected by The Team from sympathizers and patrons of the Grand’ Prix of Literary Associations.

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