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What we Do

Our Values

In 2017, parents want it all :
eco-conscious, ethical, confortable
yet fashionable pieces of
clothing to dress their tiny ones.
They tend to search an
alternative to fast-fashion
brands and support smaller,
local producers.
Our goal at Les Mômes is to
offer a full range of baby and
toddler clothes from those small
labels and sell them Online as
well as in Pop-up Stores.

We choose to support local
We choose to support producers
using sustainable materials.
We choose to support ethical

About Us
Hey! We are Eugénie & Elisabeth,
Belgian sisters, crazy about
pretty things and new adventures.
As young mums, we wanted to
put all our energy and creativity
to open up new perspectives for
the new generation.
As fashion-lovers, we decided it
was time to shake up the image
of ethical clothing by offering a
selection of pretty yet
sustainable garments.

We choose to make a difference.
Furthermore, we want to limit our
carbon footprint by planting
trees for every delivery we make.

More Info


+32 473 27 85 45
+32 472 36 41 70

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