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Deadline: 2 FEBRUARY 2017
Operating and managing the Café of the French Institute of Jordan, Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Amman (formerly
called "Café des lettres et des images").
The Café offers a space of 107 m2 in a building of a total area of 1 135m2 that welcomes people
throughout the day and early evening (language students and attendants of the cultural activities of the
The entrance of the café shall be the main door of the Institute (secured entrance with sas). The café is
composed of a space for the public (about 91m²), a closed kitchen (about 3m²), and a preparation,
storage and sales counter (about 13m²). This space is an integral part of the French Institute of Jordan,
established for more than 50 years in these premises at 4 Kulliyat Al Sharia Street, Paris Square, Jabal AlWeibdeh, Amman and which is also an integral part of the French Embassy in Jordan (the convention will
be signed by the Ambassador). The space is neither equipped nor furnished.
Service requested:
The operator shall perform, in the allocated premises, the following activities:
- Sale of snacks and products belonging but not restricted to French gastronomy: viennoiseries
(croissants, chocolate bread, raisin bread, brioche…) and snacks (sandwiches, salads, soups, deserts…)
- Sale of non-alcoholic drinks: sale of cold drinks (juice, soda…) and hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate).
The sale of alcoholic drinks might be considered provided the necessary authorizations are obtained.
The café must be a space for conviviality open to the public and with affordable rates. The operator shall
satisfy the expectations of its users, which are mainly students at the French Institute of Jordan,
residents of the neighborhood and users of the media library.
The space shall be open from Saturday to Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm, in accordance with the present
opening hours of the Institute, and if possible throughout the year. The operator has the possibility to

extend his opening hours to include Fridays and/or until 11 pm, provided he is responsible for the
security of the premises during this time slot.
The wages of the operator shall entirely result from the benefits received from his operation.
The opening of the café is scheduled for the 18th of March (Francophonie week) and will be the object of
an important communication campaign.
Financial conditions:
The operator shall pay a rent, in exchange for using the premises. He shall also pay a variable annual
share corresponding to a percentage of the gross revenue of the commercial exploitation.
In addition to the following charges:

Water, electricity.


Cleaning expenses.


Operation and maintenance expenses.


Security expenses.


Possible telecommunication expenses.

Contract duration: 1 year, renewable
Additional information:
The name of the new Café shall be given in consultation with the French Institute of Jordan.
The candidates can take an appointment from the French Institute of Jordan to visit the location.
Conditions for participating:
Each candidate must submit all documents allowing to appreciate:

His project, which must be in line with the identity of the “French Institute of Jordan”,


His professional, technical and financial guarantees,


Relevant references.

Contact: Institut Français de Jordanie, 4 Kulliyat al Sharia Street, Paris Square,
Jabal Al-Webdeh, P.O. Box 5348 Amman 11183 JORDAN. Tel.: (962) 6 46 12 658
Deadline for submitting the application: 2 February 2017

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