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Rio International, founded in Dubai 1976, has been playing since its vital role in
providing the necessary food and catering Equipments for everyone’s need, which
includes Italian Espresso, Coffee Roasters & Grinders, Filter Coffee Machines as
well as vending machines. For COLD DRINKS AND BEVERAGES, we provide
Juice dispensers, Slush Granita machines, Ice Cream Machines, etc. For food
processing and packaging, we provide our customers with Vacuum Packing
Machines which are made and imported from Germany as wells as from
Switzerland. Rio international is also specialized in fully equipped restaurants,
bakeries and kitchen equipments, we provide our customers with all types of
cooking ranges, display cabinets, chillers and freezers, fryers and cookers, etc. We
supply our customers with top quality products and brands which are made and
exported from Italy, like DELL’ORO, SOTTORIVA, PaBaTech and TAGLIAVINI.
Our Products & Services are available in the Middle East and other Asian
countries*. We think and feel that our networks and connections become stronger
by our lengthy relations. According to the local market, we are proud to let you
know that we provide our services and products to a quite broad range of

organizations, which includes a range from seven to Multi star hotels, Resorts,
Airports, Catering suppliers, Coffee shops, Restaurants, Supermarkets, groceries
and private labels

In fact we are very happy to import and supply more machines, simply because our
customers need our service, so we try our best to introduce and supply them with
the best brands available, in able to give our customers the maximum quality they
can get and benefit from. We have many renowned brands of recent innovations like
Services is the best in the UAE and we try our best to keep it that way. We are
there for you 18 hours a day, 7 Days a week and 365 days a year. On call,.

In Food Processing World, Rio International, since 1976 also play it's Vital role to
provide the necessary food Equipments for every need, includes Italian Espresso
Coffee & Vending Machine, Coffee Roasters & Coffee Grinders, Filter Coffee
Machine, Coffee & Tea Maker, for COLD DRINKS we have Juice dispensers, Slush
Granita machines, Ice Cube Machines, Ice Cream Machines, Pastry & Ice Cream
Cabinets, etc. in food processing and packaging Vacuum Packing Machines which
brought from Germany as wells as Swiss. Our Product & Services are available in
Middle East and some Asian countries*; our networks are so stronger by lengthy
relations. As per local market proudly our customers are from 7 stars hotel to Multi
star hotels, Resorts, Airports, Catering suppliers, Coffee shops Restaurants,
Supermarkets, groceries and private labels.
In fact we are very happy to see more coffee and vending machines, simply they
need coffee so we supplies many brands of those Machines not to forget that's We
have many renowned brands of recent innovations like La spazile, Saeco, Staff,
Bravilor etc. and we are much conscious of consumers taste and needs and in
accordance with the changing scenarios, providing best services to them. Our
Service: Best In UAE, 18 hours a day, 7 Days a week, 365 days on call, stand by
Machine will be provided* in case of machine required to be removed for service.
As the industry continues to experience consolidation and competitive pressures, we
have brought a wealth of management, warehousing and market distribution
expertise to the food processing equipment industry -- providing customers with an
even higher level of quality and service. No one can match our breadth of product
line, national service capability and consistency.

Rio-International, simply and definitely is one of the best in its region and section.
Rio-international has been providing its customers with the best quality products
for over 35 years and our costumers all satisfied with our work and effort. Over the
years, Rio international has only gained experience and costumers as well as we
have entered new markets and have been supplying our beloved customers even in
the branches again with only the best products available. We care a lot about the
best and latest technologies available on our products as we only want a maximum
but also most efficient outcome we can get from our products.

Address : P.O.Box 12900
Al Garhoud - Dubai
United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Tel: +971 4 283 3311
Fax: +971 4 283 3322

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