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Singapore Based Professional
Translating Services
In the fiercely competitive international commercial sector, it’s important to be able
to effectively communicate with one’s partners and clients, regardless of what
language they happen to speak. With the corporate world taking an increasingly
globalised approach to business, effective and accurate translation services are
more important than ever. This is particularly true in an international commercial
hub like Singapore which attracts entrepreneurs and companies from almost every
country on the planet seeking to establish a presence in the Asia Pacific region. In
business, effective communication is a crucial factor which often plays a major role
in determining the success or failure of a venture. In instances where there are both
linguistic and cultural differences between the two parties doing business it’s
absolutely imperative to invest in professional translating services you can rely on.

WhizWordz provides exactly this and is dedicated to providing highly experienced
translators at affordable rates.

Our translation agency has operated in Singapore for over 10 years and has
amassed an expert team of 1000 professional translators based both locally and
internationally. Working in a dynamic range of language pairs, our translators are
native speakers in the target language and come from a diverse range of
backgrounds. This means that in particularly sensitive business transactions, our
company will be able to provide an experienced translator with not only the
linguistic skills required to communicate in the appropriate tone and style that
suits the clients needs, but also the relevant cultural knowledge to ensure
everything runs smoothly. The accurate, reliable, and versatile service we provide
can help to support your business as it develops an international presence and
reposition itself as a truly global brand.
Our company’s commitment to providing outstanding professional translation
services has helped us establish a sound reputation and was recognised with the
Singapore Business Excellence Award in 2011/ 2012.
In addition to these services, we also provide copywriting, typesetting, certified
document translation and both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation.

Established back in 2004, we started off with providing only English-Chinese
translations. Today, with more than 10 years experience in the industry,
WhizWordz has taken on a larger-scale with over 1000 local and international
translators of several language pairs making us a reputable translation company in
We have managed to take our footprints global while working with clients both
locally and abroad. This has allowed us to expand our services incorporating other
communication tools such copywriting, website localisation, typesetting,
interpretation, transcription amongst others. Our translators in Singapore are
equipped with a full portfolio of language services to support clients globally.
At WhizWordz, we strive to deliver only the best quality of work and exceed
expectations in order to effectively communicate our client's message no matter
which business they are a part of. We belief in supplying our clients with the
professional service they deserve.

Our Values
Trust: We place great value on trust, when it comes to building relationship
with our clients. Strong relationships are imperative in delivering our
services consistently over time.
Commitment: We are committed towards our promises made towards clients.
Timeliness: We embrace punctuality like no others by delivering our clients’
requests right on time.
Innovation: We make business innovation a part of our integral system to
maintain our competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business climate.
Leadership: We are guided by strong leadership, which places great emphasis
on keeping our clients happy.

Providing Translation and Trans-creation Services
The professional translating services at
WhizWordz are formed by over 1000 qualified
and experienced translators, who are experts in
language translation in their respective industry.
Always happy to be of service, we are proud to
offer some of the best and most value-for-money
translations services in Singapore, and can
translate any content to your desired target
language easily. Whizword’s language
translators in Singapore are capable of providing
translation services for over 40 languages such
as English to Chinese translation and English to
Japanese translation.
We also provide website translation services which are extremely useful when
targeting oversea audience. Relating to them in their native language enables a
connection and rapport to be built quickly.
In today’s global stage, the translation and creative processes work together to
provide for transcreation services. This helps to take your creative campaigns to
new heights, which is why we also specialise in transcreation services. This
emerging form of translation is not yet seen commonly provided by many
translation services agency. This form of translation best suits creative content
targeted at the consumer sector. With regard to brand names, slogans and
advertisements, it is essential to translate the context together with the style and
essence of the message. An effective transcreated campaign is able to invoke the
same emotions in the target audience, taking puns and design into consideration.
We provide content in draft stages taking into account all comments and feedback
given by our clients. We then test its impact on the ground and make the necessary
revisions until it gains the results you are looking for.
We pride ourselves in our prompt and accurate delivery enabling you to carry out
your functions smoothly. Our transcreation service as well as language translation
service in Singapore have successfully assisted agencies and brands to build their
campaigns for markets abroad.

Our Projects
Over the past 10 years, we have
delivered a number of works
pertaining to translation,
copywriting and localisation.
Here is a compilation of some
projects carried out by us.
If you are interested in learning
more what we have been doing or
are capable of doing, please
contact us. We shall be more
than happy to assist you.
Our clientele list can be viewed by clicking here.

Contact Us
Tel: (65) 6600 3798
Fax: (65) 6259 1541
Email: sales@whizwordz.com / hr@whizwordz.com
Office Location:
151 Chin Swee Road
#13-04 Manhattan House
Singapore 169876
Website: www.whizwordz.com.sg

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