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Euronat Infos 2017

Dear Owners,
The year 2016 is behind us now and apparently it was
a year that no-one will regret.
If we put things into perspective, the problems that
disturb our little world here at Euronat seem derisory
compared to events in more distant regions.
We hope that our oasis of peace will remain a place
for revitalization and wellbeing.
On this subject, our commitment remains firm
concerning the necessity of maintaining the resources
required for the quality of our site. We remain firm, but
also determined to achieve consensus.
We will come back to this point in the passages below.
For the time being, all the team joins me in wishing
you happy days to come at EURONAT.
Jean-Michel LOREFICE

The redevance

Approximately one quarter of the owners dispute the adjustment of the redevance that was identified following the
judgement made by Mr. Paquier. This judgement led to the signing of protocol with the IFE association on 22 November
The action launched against our Company should have been the subject of a hearing on 15 December 2016.
After receiving the final arguments put forward by these owners, in particular the questioning of the accounts factors used
by the expert Mr Paquier in order to determine the progression of the redevance, the EURONAT Company considered it
appropriate to apply to the Court for the naming of a judicial expert. For us, this is to enlighten the judge and confirm our
good faith.
The judge’s deliberation on the naming of the expert will not take place until 23 February 2017.
This issue is advancing much slower than planned but we believe that EURONAT should not be a permanent place of
controversy and must rediscover its vocation of holiday village.
We prefer, therefore, to utilize the necessary time to convince the complainants that the conclusions of an expert can no
longer be disputed.
However, we maintain our infrastructure renovation program. Technical arbitrations are in the course of validation. We will
send you a list of the work to be carried out in 2017 in a few weeks time.

Access control

During the past year, the Prefecture has regularly asked us to reinforce our access controls as part of the “vigipirate” plan.
In this context, we have modernized our system of identity badges. The photo will now be printed directly on the badge.
Each resident will be required to have their photo taken at reception with our webcam in order to obtain their new identity
badge. This will only take a few minutes.

Yearly tenants

Despite our warning in the 2016 Euronat-infos, we are still encountering many problems with certain yearly tenants, who
are predominately non-naturist, and who are often the source of problems with their neighbours.
We remind you once again that in the « règlement de jouissance » it is stipulated that each holder remains « guarantor
and liable » for his tenants.


The Post Office has informed us that as from this spring, you will receive a transit advice note for all your parcels, in the
same way as for your registered letters and « courriers suivis ».
According to the information we have been given, any parcels you receive will be available for collection at the Saint Vivien
Post Office.

Works on chalets

We are once again enclosing the explanation notice related to the procedure to be followed when planning any extension
work or modifications to the outside of your chalet.
We confirm that difficulties have arisen concerning the sales of certain chalets. The solicitors have not been able to carry
out procedures due to the lack of necessary administrative documents (declaration of building permission) obtained by
the EURONAT Company.
On this subject, the land registry services informed us in December that they have carried out an indexed inventory of
existing extensions.


Our discussions with Orange concerning broadband access have been on going and will soon bring positive results.
We are very hopeful that EURONAT will be connected to the fibre optic broadband by next May.

Euronat PASS

The Euronat Pass is applied per day and per person over the age of 6.
Low season: from 1 April to 9 June and from 11 September to 29 October: Per person 3.42 €
High season: from 10 June to 10 September: Per person 4.82 €.
Large family (parents and children)
Low season
80.22 €
per week per family
High season 117.65 €
per week per family

Easter Meeting

Our annual meeting will take place on Tuesday 18 April at 2.30pm in the Salle Polyvalente.
Please send us any questions you may have via the enclosed coupon.

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