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CVenAnglais Daphneedeboulois .pdf

Nom original: CVenAnglais Daphneedeboulois.pdf
Auteur: Frédéric de BOULOIS

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Daphnée Dupré de Boulois
3 rue lebreton
44 400 Trentemoult REZÉ
00 33
Birth date : 01/01/1999


09/2016 to 02/2017

Brasserie Saveurs & Sillon – Saint Herblain
Service 5/7d at lunch
Since december 2016 L’Atelier d’Alain – Alain Ruffault (Apcal President) Nantes
Learning cooking about 3/7d in the evening semi-gastronomic
Extra-worker in services
Summer to 12/2016 Bistrot du port (Bar/Seafood Kitchen) at Trentemoult Rezé
Extra-help in the kitchen at the Vaporetto ( Italian Brewery)
Extra-help at lunch and the evening bar and services
Le Mahout (Bar /Brewery) Nantes - Machines de l’ile
Cooking employee - appetizers and desserts, meals : 200 to 350 meals at lunch:
plates dressing and send-off.
15 days in 2013
Café du Petit Port– Nantes
8 days in 2012
Polyvalent waitress at bar and sandwich bar
1 week 2015
1 week 2015
1 week 2014
1 week 2013
Since 2011

Discovery of a jeweler’s job/producing an object in brass for technical learning
RDS Atlandoc - Nantes
Discovery of a digital reprography job
CARSAT – Rennes Discovery of a social assistant job & approach of people in need
SDIS – Rennes
Discovery and integration in a firefighter’s station
Regular Babysitting ( Twice a week)


12th grade Literary Centered with dance option at St Dominique in St herblain
Military Navy Preparation received (mention AB)
Middle school exam received (mention AB)
Knowledge in softwares : Word, Excel, Powerpoint under Windows (98 to 2012)/
Adobe software/ Audacity/ Life Forms
Arabic: Beginner level . English: high school level (11th grade) . Spanish: level 12th
grade (literacy level)

Dance (Bachelor : speciality and options sports and dance ART)
Boxing skills : Thaï /English/ Street boxing/ Kickboxing / Aïkido/ Introductory course in Filipino martial arts
Drawing , painting et Graphism
Between 2014 and 2017 :Volunteer in caritative association “Un sourire d’enfant” (The smile of a child).

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