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Internship – HR Project Manager – Aquarelle Group
Aquarelle Group, established in 1993, is a part of Ciel Group, a world-class
player in texile and garment operations. 

Today, Aquarelle includes over 10,000 employees and has branches in
Mauritius, Madagascar, India and Bangladesh. With a turnover of more than
USD 170 million, is one of the most well-known companies on the island.

Aquarelle produces and exports some 14 million shirts and 8 million meters
of woven fabric per year. The group has successfully positioned its products
in an up-market and aims to be the “Best alternative to China”.
The company is divided into several branches:

Consolidated Fabrics Limited (CFL): specialised in manufacturing
of fabrics

Pastel Blue: specialised in the production of women’s shirts

Laguna Clothing: specialised in the production of men’s shirts

Aquarelle Casual: specialised in the production of casual shirts

Aquarelle Clothing is looking for a motivated individual to work on their
HR projects. Your responsibilities will include the following:

Develop Learning & Development (L&P) aspects in Aquarelle
Develop learning & Development ( L & P) aspects in Aquarelle
Lead project to re-engineer all aspects of Learning &
Development in Aquarelle based on new framework.
Learning & Development re – engineering
Risk Analysis on competences & competences security plan
Talent Management
  Lead project performing the above tasks – you will be coached &
trained by a consultant to deliver above
  Visit Madagascar & cross-fertilise on all HRM system in Mauritius
  Liaise with top world – class universities to bring top talent to
Training Needs Analysis – Identify training need & develop
training plans per department
Assist Finance & HR director in all HRM projects

- You are currently studying for a Master’s degree in a Business School with a
specialisation in Human Resources
- You have prior experience working in HR or leading a project
- You are motivated and ambitious
- You are able to work in autonomy
- You have proven leadership skills and you enjoy challenges
- You are fluent in English & French

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