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Z & CO. believes in creating a piece of art in every shoe we make for you. Everything is handmade with
love, starting from the paper we use to create our designs to the final stitching custom made for you. In
a world of machines, there is a special significance provided in “A Handmade Shoe�?. We believe in
creating experiences, not products, this is what Z & CO. is all about.

Bespoke Services
Z & CO. Offers a unique Bespoke Service which gives you the freedom to select designs of your choice,
according to your tastes and preferences as described to our craftsman. For this, we come to your
environment of comfort. The shoe is specially commissioned for you and your special ones.

Limited Edition
Crocodile Monkstraps

Brown Tassel Loafers
Rs. 12,350

Panther Black Loafers
Rs. 6,000

Brown Monkstraps
Rs. 9,365

Black Crocodile
Loafers Rs. 10,500

John Boots
Rs. 11,000

Rs. 9,365

We Believe In Art
Z & CO. believes in shaping everything they do
into a piece of art, making it your own. We
practice everyday to create designs that are
simple but yet fail not to make a statement. We
provide artistic freedom to our craftsman and
give them the best gift, a fine piece of genuine
leather, to mould, sculpt and create a vision
turned into a reality. Artists are not machines,
they work with their mind and their hands are
their tools.

Our CEO, Mr. Zeeshan Merchant, 17, started out this company of his when he was 16. He wishes to
inspire people to do nothing but believe in your art. A photographer and artist, music composer and
polo player since a young age, at 17, every single aspect of this company is solely designed by him, he
portrays none but his vision.

Contact services on
+91 9833300044 |

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