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Call for Applications
Scholarship to study at University of Granada (Spain) in the framework of the European
Programme ERASMUS+ KA1
The Erasmus+ Programme – mobility for study offers the possibility to spend a period of studies at
University of Granada for PhD Students from the University of Sfax
Mobility students will be awarded a scholarship, will attend courses and will use all the facilities of
The University of Granada on an equal basis as the enrolled students.
Mobility periods: 5 months
Fields of Education and Training
Any subject area existing in both institutions is considered eligible for student mobility.

The Erasmus+ for study scholarships are contributions to support living costs in the hosting
The scholarship for Spain is of 800 € per month.
A supplementary sum will cover the travel costs on the basis of the distance between Sfax and
Granada according to the European distance calculator:
Conditions and procedures
General conditions for admittance
The candidate student must be enrolled at the University of Sfax that signed the Inter Institutional
Agreement within the framework of Erasmus + Programme, with the University of Granada.
The student must be preselected and nominated by the University of Sfax

Application Procedures

A copy of passport
A copy of Bachelor degree
A copy of Master degree
Knowledge of English (B2)
Transcript of Records
Short CV

Motivation letter
A letter of pre-admission from the Doctoral programme the candidate's interested in signed
by the Programme coordinator at the UGR. Please see the template

The documents must be sent to the home Institution (International Relations Office) to the
following address: University of Sfax, Airport road km 0.5 P.O.BOX 1169 – 3029 – Sfax . The home
Institution will be responsible of selection procedures on the basis transparent and fair criteria.
The deadline for applying is fixed at 13 February 2017.
For any specific question or information you can contact Ms. Fatma GHORBEL, e-mail at your home institution.

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