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The Green Escape
An Eco & Ethical
On the Island
of the Gods

Three years ago we asked ourselves the
question: “What do we want from life?”
We really wanted to create something
meaningful, something that would
inspire us every day and give us the life
we wanted to live, as the phase goes:
“Choose a job that you love and
you will never have to work a day in
your life”.
From this aspiration we had the crazy
idea to start something of our own,
abroad. The conclusion of multiple
brainstorming sessions was our
true wish to build and manage an
Eco Lodge. The big question was…
where? We had a few contacts on the
island of Bali who had already talked
about the many opportunities linked
to the tourism industry there.

We decided to travel to Bali to see it by
ourselves. We noticed that the tourism industry
was heading towards mass tourism at the
expense of culture and natural beauty of the
island. There is definitely a growing demand for
a different type of vacation: a more sustainable,
alternative way to travel. We decided to move
to Bali as we realized our project could be
successful on this beautiful island. The Eco
Lodge will be called “The Green Escape”.

Example of traditional Joglo

For those we aren’t yet aware of the project, “The
Green Escape” will be an Eco and Ethical lodge with five
Traditional bungalows also called Joglo’s. It will have a
main area, a pool, a small restaurant for the guests and
a spa. It will also propose massages & yoga lessons. It
will have ecological infrastructures such as solar panels,
a rainwater harvesting system, water saving taps, pool
ionizers, an organic garden to provide the restaurants
with fresh ingredients, etc. The resort will be built near
Bingin Beach in the Bukit area.

Example of interior/deco Joglo

A little bit more about bingin ...
So the resort is situated on the
Presque-isle of Bukit, this peninsula
is located in the most southern
part of the island. Bukit is an ideal
choice because this district presents
numerous advantages ; white sand
beaches, famous surfspots and
trendy restaurants & bars. The Green
Escape will be built in Bingin at 300m
from the acces to the beach.

After almost three years since the
idea popped up in our head, we
can proudly say that we will soon be
realizing our dream. Thanks to the
trust of several people we are now
able to start the projet. The legal
procedures are in process and we
will start building in approx 1 month!
For those we are interested, we will
keep you updated!! All that is left to
say is:

Believe in your dreams
& Create Yourself !

The Land - Bingin - Pecatu

Layout Plan

You can follow us on

The Green Escape Bali

In. green.escape.bali

Green Escape Bali

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