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Portuguese and Brazilian

July 17 - 28, 2017

Culture Immersion Course

Applications from April 3 to july 7

Língua Portugues a
- WINTER 2017 -


The Portuguese and Brazilian Culture Immersion
Course offered by the Federal University of
Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys (UFVJM)
is taught by teachers experienced in teaching
Portuguese as a Foreign Language, and
focuses on linguistic and cultural topics.

In addition, opportunities for real communicative
use and interaction are promoted outside the
classroom by ecotorism experiences with
teacher supervision, effective practice of
language components, contact with the local
culture and the development of the students’
intercultural skills

In the sessions, the selected linguistic contents
are suitable for the students level and taught
through authentic materials, such as lms, music,
texts, and specialized material for Portuguese as
a Foreign Language teaching. There is an intense
exercising of phonetic and grammatical issues
during the interactive classes.

Besides these fundamental components of the
course, might be offered specic workshops
based on students’ specic demands, such as
training for the CelpeBras prociency exam,
academic writing, and exibility to elect a cultural
theme to be approached in a more detailed way,
such as music, cinema, literature or Brazilian
history, among others.

Course hours : 50
5 classes per day, Monday to Friday
two-week course

Further information: +55 (38) 3532 6097 / 3532 1264
m eo.u fvjm @ gm ail .com
secr etar iadr i@ u fvjm .edu .br
Federal University of Mucuri and Jequitinhonha Valleys
Diamantina - Minas Gerais

Course investment: $400 US plus
$400 US for individual lodging with selected
host families: private room and two meals per day

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