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Titre: Direct Broadcast Satellite TV, Broadband Internet Access Middle East
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Direct Broadcast Satellite TV,
Broadband Internet Access Middle East

Teleport Services - General Overview

Horizon Teleport delivers end-to-end Satellite Uplink/Downlink services for
broadcast & Data clients from around the world. With a wide range of C,
KU & Ka Band Antenna’s, Horizon Teleports is ideally situated to provide
satellite services throughout ME, Africa & Europe inclusive of following:
 GSM Backhauling Services
 TV Distribution
 TV Contribution
 Carrier Monitoring

GSM Backhauling Services

Horizon Teleports provides GSM backhaul solutions to extend cellular coverage
by creating a network backbone, which can also be used as a backup in case of
terrestrial networks failures. This is particularly useful when terrestrial capacity is
either not available or too costly a solution to implement. In such cases
terrestrial networks can be bypassed using Horizon Teleports GSM Backhaul
service, noted for its flexibility, scalability and reliability, allowing operators to
reach more customers geographically, irrespective of the protocol used on their
network. Connected directly with redundant fiber to Equinix Munich, and any
POP around the world can be inter connected.

TV Distribution

Perhaps the best way of distributing TV and radio programming to
reach close to 100% of a population in any geographic area,
irrespective of ground infrastructures, is through satellites.
Broadcasting companies can reach a large audience without having to
worry about local infrastructures. A video signal is transmitted to our
Teleport/uplink center and from the teleport video/audio signals are
compressed using MPEG codec and transmitted to satellites as a
digital video-broadcasting (DVB) signal. Horizon Teleports can
broadcast DVB signals via satellite to an unlimited number of viewers
in any coverage area.

TV Contribution

A contribution link permits broadcasters to transport video
programming by satellite from a remote source such as a
Satellite news gathering (SNG) unit to a broadcaster's studio
or from a studio to our Teleport / uplink Centre. With the
advantage of its access to a number of satellites, Horizon
Teleports can retransmit programs from any part of the

Carrier Monitoring

Horizon Teleports offers extensive range of Carrier monitoring
services to Satellite operators. With a look angle of 55 deg west to
78 deg east, our trained staff are providing the following services:
EIRP Measurement.
Monitoring Carrier Frequency.
Monitoring Es/No & Eb/No, levels.
Alerts for Abnormal and missing carriers.
Illustrate interference.
Beacon rain fade calculation.

About Us
Horizon Teleports is a world class, totally redundant and secure
teleport facility operated from Munich, Germany. At the core of
Horizon Teleports' state-of-the-art infrastructure, are 16 highend, technically sophisticated antennas ranging in sizes from 2.4
meters up to 9.4 meters and a top of the line 24/7 Network
Operations Center, enabling worldwide communication for
business and government entities across the globe. The teleport
uplinks to 8 satellites across C- and Ku-band and provides access
to multiple satellites in the eastern and western sky. Horizon
Teleports offers satellite communication services across Asia,
Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas. Through our
redundant internet backbone and stable satellite network
Horizon Teleports is able to provide to the costumer most
effective communications solutions via satellite. At Horizon
Teleports you get fully managed services and solid technical
consultancy tailored to your needs.

Contact Us
Horizon Teleports GmbH
Marketing and Sales
Degernpoint K7
85368 Moosburg a.d. Isar

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