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Tout est possible !

Fixed price turnkey services

Supply the drinks
Personalise your event

We supply the drinks
You personalise your event

You are looking for something simple
and value-adding for your event. This
fixed-price service offers a selection of
personalised predefined formulas that
can be integrated to your cocktail party
or soirée. We take care of everything
for you: drinks, barware glasses,
professional bar equipment, straws,
cocktail stirrers and of course… Our
portable bar counter!

You want to personalise your event and
control your supplies. This service is for
you! It is carried out on a fee-per-hour
basis which varies according to whether
or not we are supplying the glasses, the
bar counter and whether we are making
cocktails or not.
For the cocktails, we will send you a
detailed grocery list with the precise
grammage according to the number of
guests and the amount of time we will
be serving a particular cocktail. We
suggest a list of suppliers and products
while giving you the entire liberty of
choosing what suits you best.

You want to personalise your event but
you don’t want to deal with the
suppliers and beverage supplies. We
will take care of it all for you! Thanks to
a wide range of high quality suppliers,
we will fulfil your wishes and meet your
requirements. “A la carte” pricing
system applies.

Do not hesitate to consult us to learn more about
our formulas.

The only limit is your own imagination !