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Inspired by the eponymous work of Goethe, German
novelist of the eighteenth century, the theory of Elective
Affinities offers a faithful picture of our genesis
and evolution.
Indeed, the theory sustains that reactions of attraction
and repulsion between elements arise from their chemical
composition. Transposed to human beings, it proposes
an explanation to curious links woven and broken
between beings.
Often underestimated, we have chosen to highlight the
Importance of these unions. Parisians and diverse, we
propound a vision of the world inspired by the
alchemy of reality.
Thenceforth, TRIBE is a fruit of an audacious generation
wich affirms itself as a witness and a bridge between
two centuries full of history.
For these reasons we developed through the collection,
conceptual tee-shirts gathering questions and affirmations.
We materialize a philosophy modeled on humans and
enriched by its contradictions.
We believe in the fundamental connection between the
designer and the subject. Thenceforward, we develop
articles conceived as thoughts holders.

« Sometimes they will meet like friends and old
acquaintances; they will come rapidly together,
and unite without either having to alter itself
at all - as wine mixes with water »

« Others will remain as strangers side by side,
and no amount of mechanical mixing or forcing
will succeed in combining them. Oil and water
may be shaken up together, and the next moment
they are separate again, each by itself »

Artistic direction : Rubrice Mathys & Kouassi Felix - Edouard
Photographer : Carl Diner
Models : Tina Kunakey / Nadja Allegra / Yanis Elbe / Gabriel Naulleau
Make up artist : Alicia Raphanel
Graphic Design : Viktor Fenard

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