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ASInter HiringDetails Hardline TeamManager .pdf

Nom original: ASInter_HiringDetails_Hardline_TeamManager.pdf
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H I R I N G !

Company: AS International
Position: Team Manager (Hardline, E/EC)
Location: Shanghai - China
Contract: Full Time
Duration: Unlimited
Starting date: ASAP
Worldwide engineering company AS International is providing quality expertise and solutions since
1983 becoming one of the most important global networks of french quality engineering.
AS International is guiding its clients (softline & hardline consumer goods industry) on Product
Engineering, Testing, Audit, Inspection, Training and Consulting on 3 continents and over 20
countries (Europe, Africa, Asia).
Read more about the company:


Ensures providing exceptional customer service is the top priority of every interaction.
Schedule and performs training to new team member
Coordinate and plans the Risk Inspection Program
Monitors individually each team member to ensure continue improvement and strong product
Provides feedback to operation manager via feedback form to give input on annual
evaluations and succession planning.
Participates in ongoing development conversations within the Technical Committee
Suggests methods to improve operations, efficiency, service and expertise
Investigates in case of issue and provides feedback and corrective action plan to clients
Provides frequent quality alert to client regarding non-compliant production


Minimum two years related word experience required
Fluent English level required
Strong hardline & E/EC consumer goods expertise required
Ability to offer solutions to manufacturer regarding non-compliant products
Strong quality expertise and applicable standards (ISO, ASTM) knowledges required
Communication skills (verbal and written), reactivity and flexibility
Ability to work independently


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