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Trend  Report  |  Big  Data  &  Health  


Of  all  the  different  projects  we  came  across  whilst  inves/ga/ng  the  field  of  
medical   technology,   or   “meditech”,   one   par/cularly   caught   our   aben/on:  
Teddy   the   Guardian.   Teddy   the   Guardian   is   a   Croa/an   start-­‐up  
headquartered   in   London,   founded   by   two   young   students   in   2013.   It  
commercializes   the   first   ‘smart’   Teddy   Bear,   whose   mission   is   to   monitor  
children’s   health   on   a   daily   basis   and   collect   vital   informa/on,   through  
captors   hidden   in   the   toy.   The   collected   data   is   then   compiled   and   sent   to  
the  parents,  through  a  dedicated  mobile  app.