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Trend  Report  |  Big  Data  &  Health  

The  Story  of  Teddy  
The   idea   for   Teddy   the   Guardian   first   came   when   its   creators   no/ced   how  
hard  it  was  to  monitor  the  health  of  children  who  were  being  hospitalized  or  
treated   for   chronic   illnesses,   in   a   non-­‐frightening   and   intrusive   way.   Lible  
ones  tend  to  be  extremely  sensi/ve,  and  the  careful  monitoring  some  were  
being   subjected   to   in   the   hospital   meant   that   a   solu/on   needed   to   be   found  
in  order  to  make  the  monitoring  less  trauma/c.  Making  smart  Teddy  Bears  
came   as   the   way   to   go,   and   the   start-­‐up   started   working   with   hospitals   to  
develop  its  product.    

Another   important   trigger   in   the   development   of   Teddy   The   Guardian   was  
the   fall   of   sensor   costs,   and   the   growth   in   wireless   communica/on   and  
constant  innova/on,  which  have  made  this  project  accessible  and  possible  to  
develop.   Furthermore,   it   has   never   been   easier   to   appeal   to   consumers   in  
this  field,  since  smartphones,  health  mobile  apps  and  wearable  devices  are  
geMng   every   day   more   and   more   integrated   in   their   daily   lives.   Hence,   it  
soon  became  obvious  that  Teddy  could  also  be  commercialized  to  the  public,  
and  not  only  to  hospitals.  
Indeed,   parents,   as   the   rest   of   the   popula/on,   are   proving   ever   more  
connected   and   worried   about   their   children’s   health,   and   such   a   device  
could  be  a  precious  ally  for  them.  Finally,  the  field  of  meditech  is  booming  
and  raises  growing  interest  in  investors,  who  are  now  more  and  more  willing  
to  invest.  

Behind  the  Fur  
Teddy   The   Guardian   lies   on   a   fairly  
simple   technology:   embedded  
sensors,   hidden   in   the   teddy’s  
paw,   which   measure   the   child’s  
body   temperature,   heart   rate,  
blood   pressure,   oxygen   satura/on  
and   the   ambient   temperature.  
When   the   child   squeezes   the  
teddy’s   paws,   hold   it   against   him  
or   plays   with   it,   the   bear   records  
informa/on   at   different   /mes,   and  
sends   it   wirelessly   to   his   parents  
via  a  mobile  app.    

Through   the   app,   the   parents  
can  see  the  evolu/on  of  their  
child’s   temperature   in   real-­‐
/me,   and   quickly   detect   any  
irregulari/es.   Moreover,   the  
child’s   body   temperature   can  
be   precisely   measured   by  
touching   his   forehead   with  
the   teddy’s   paw   for   a   couple  
of   seconds,   which   results   less  
unpleasant   for   them   than   the  
old  fashion  thermometer!  

Just  like  every  meditech  startup,  Teddy  The  Guardian  faced  issues  in  securing  
quality   and   regulatory   standards   in   all   countries.   It   however   managed   to  
overcome   this   and   can   now   be   shipped   across   Europe.   The   app   is   also  
available  in  all  European  countries.  
Teddy   the   Guardian   made   its   debut   at   the   CES   conference   of   Las   Vegas   in  
2014.   The   CES   conference   is   a   global   consumer   electronics   and   consumer  
technology   tradeshow.   There,   it   triggered   a   lot   of   interest   and   was   very   well  
received   by   the   professionals,   who   praised   its   simplicity   and   its   ingenuity.  
Teddy  the  Guardian  is  now  considered  as  one  of  the  hits  of  the  2014  edi/on.  
Following   this   success,   it   secured   a   400k   seed   investment   from   London-­‐
based   investors   in   January   2015.   This   allowed   the   startup   to   further   develop  
its   offer,   and   in   2016,   two   new   companions   were   introduced:     The   Tall  
Giraffe   and   The   Brave   Lion.   The   Tall   Giraffe   measures   the   child’s   body  
posture   and   ac/vity   level,   and   the   Brave   Lion   measures   the   heart   rate,   heart  
rate  variability  and  blood  oxygen  satura/on.