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Trend  Report  |  Big  Data  &  Health  

Special  Thanks  
This   trend   report   was   created   during   the   explora/on   phase   of   Op/onE   at   the   ESCP   Europe  
Berlin  campus,  ensuring  us  the  support  of  many  amazing  people.  Out  of  all  of  those,  we  would  
like   to   specifically   thank   three   people   that   were   integral   to   this   report   and   the   organiza/on   of  
our  presence  at  the  Entrepreneurship  Fes/val  at  ESCP  Europe.  
First  and  foremost  we  would  like  to  thank  the  director  of  our  specializa/on,  Rene  Mauer,  for  
establishing   the   Op/onE   at   the   Berlin   campus   end   giving   us   the   chance   to   dive   into   this  
exci/ng  and  ever  changing  environment.  
Once  we  arrived,  Gunnar  Graef,  French  Tech  Ambassador  and  Investor  based  in  Berlin,    helped  
us  navigate  through  Berlin’s  start  up  ecosystem,  taking  us  by  the  hand  and  introducing  us  to  
many  experts  and  important  actors.  His  Safari  trip  at  the  beginning  of  our  program  paved  the  
way  for  our  following  explora/on  phase  and  countless  interviews  and  collabora/ons  with  local  
Among  those  was  Ralph  Arnold,  who  we,  last  but  not  least,  would  like  to  express  our  gra/tude  
to  for  taking  the  /me  to  support  us  with  his  insights  and  contacts  in  the  digital  health  market  
in  Berlin  and  beyond,  introducing  us  to  several  of  the  companies  men/oned  in  this  report.  

What’s  up  in  the  French  Tech  Ecosystem?  
For   some   years   now,   the   French   Tech   ecosystem   has   seen   rapid   growth,   driven   by   a   new  
genera/on   of   entrepreneurs,   investors,   engineers,   designers,   and   other   talents.   France   is  
becoming   a   “startup   Na/on”,   home   to   vibrant   tech   hubs   and   talent,   and   driven   by   a   strong  
entrepreneurial  culture.  Paris  in  specific,  is  a  world-­‐class  venue  for  startups.    Currently,  Paris  is  
the  number  one  in  Europe  for  the  growth  of  its  innova/on  market,  and  it  is  among  the  top  six  
tech  ci/es  in  the  world.    
Several  actors  in  France  enable  the  country’s  advancement  in  Digital  health:  64  life  science  
startups  listed  on  the  Euronext  Paris  stock  exchange  and  three  NASDAQ  IPOs  in  less  than  a  year  

Special  thanks  to:  This  report  has  been  prepared  by  interna/onal  graduate  students  of  ESCP  
Maximilian  TraugoA,  Ruibo  Wu,  Joy  de  Bausset-­‐Roquefort  Duchaine  D’Arbaud,    
Tyrza  Nanlohij,  Maïa  Bilhou-­‐Nabera  
Prof.  Gunnar  Gräf,  Partner  of  Deutsche  Ventures  and  Affiliate  Professor  at  ESCP  Europe  
Prof.  René  Mauer  ,  Chair  for  Innova6on  and  Entrepreneurship  ESCP  Europe  

A  coopera)on  between