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36, rue de la distillerie
44000 Nantes
06 30 16 82 84

Looking for an opportunity to complete VIE (Volunteer for International
Experience) program in Human Resources starting in July 2017
September 2013 - June 2017
January – June 2016
September 2010 – June 2013
June 2010

Neoma Business School – Msc. in Management – Major Human Resources & Consulting
Turku School of Economics (Finland) - Erasmus Program – Master courses
Preparatory Class for Business School
Baccalauréat général (A - Level) voie Economique et Sociale (ES) with Honours

July 2016 – December 2016
6 months, Paris - La Défense

June 2015 – December 2015
6 months, Nantes

Human Resources Support – Labour Relations & Development
- Preparing reports and presentations for the Works Councils and the staff representative’s meetings
- Writing the management responses to the requests of the Corporate Works Council Commissions
- Follow-up and counting of the staff representatives banked time
- Various researches related to employee representation and union rights
- Statistical studies for annual gender equality negotiation
- Research on the harmonization of the night schedule work shifts (specific working time) in the
factories due to new labour laws implementation
- Benchmark analysis on the redesign of the Staff Representative Bodies agenda
Human Resources Support – Personnel Administration
Missions: HR site support for all the administrative processes and situation changes (hiring process,
internal mobility, resignations, leaves, medical examinations, salary increase reporting on dashboards) in
cooperation with the site managers
- Answering employees requests related to the personnel administration
- Interviews for recruitment of computer engineer trainees and apprentices
- Principal contact to interact with the computer engineering schools

September 2014- December 2014
President of the student association Ethika – NEOMA BS Rouen
4 months, Rouen
Missions: Project manager (sale of organic baskets, cans recycling, apiculture) and manager of a 30
student’s members team
-Submission of projects to national competitions (Génération DD, semi-final of the Green TIC
competition, Team TOTAL, Award Ernst &Young of the second best association of Neoma BS)
- Approaching local companies for support of a « sustainable development week » event on the campus
- Cash management and budget forecast of the association
May 2014- August 2014
Recruitment Officer - Piment Interim
4 months, Nantes
Missions: Recruiting candidates for temporary and seasonal jobs
- Creation of a corporate “CV – library” tool to track the entire recruiting process
- Telephone conversation to prequalify the potential good candidate’s profiles
- Writing job advertisements online and ensuring a better match between requirements in human resources
and the identification of candidates
- Development of a qualifications & skills inventory

2013 - 2015
2013 - 2014
2008 - 2015
Table Tennis
2004 - 2008
Exchange Programs 2008 - 2012
Camp Counsellor
2009 - 2012

Member than President of the sustainable development association Éthika at Neoma BS – Rouen.
Projects: recycling project, beekeeping, sale of local organic fruits and vegetables baskets
Member of the international network Enactus (social entrepreneurship association at NEOMA BS)
Projects: renting of household electrical appliances for students in Rouen, philanthropic
crowdfunding, business plans for new potential projects
MSATT Club - Rouen / ASGEN club - Nantes
Higher National Conservatory for Music - Nantes
Liceo scientifico N. Fanti, Carpi/ E. Grasser Gymnasium, Munich / Friedrich Ebert Gymnasium, Bonn
Summer camp - La Montagne (Accoord Nantes, July 2012) and Montaigu (Accoord Nantes, July
2011), summer camp of Ter (Patronage Laïque de Lorient, July 2009 and July 2010)




IELTS Grade : 6/9




B2 Zertifikat (Goethe Institut)




Software mastery of Microsoft Office 2016 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

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