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Newvest Recoveries provides comprehensive “Receivables Management” solutions for a broad
spectrum of key industries. Headed by key industry leaders, Newvest Recoveries provides
innovative one-stop solutions in key market sectors.
As an industry leader in its own right, Newvest Recoveries employs only the most dedicated and
experienced collection of industry professionals. This in turn seamlessly translates to the delivery
of the best service for our clients.
We engage with our clients to comprehensively understand their primary receivables
management needs, for which we then customize an outsourced service solution that fit their
needs perfectly. We strive to deliver innovative solutions backed by consistent, in-depth &
insightful reporting, allowing you to focus on developing and growing your business.

Banking Recoveries


Banking sector recoveries is one of our core
areas of recovery. Newvest Recoveries forges
strategic and strong partnerships to assist the
banking sector with their retail recoveries issues,
and currently provides the full spectrum of retail
banking recovery services.

We realize that recovery for the
telecommunications sector has specific
requirements, therefore we developed specific
systems and processes that are tailored for
recovery within this sector.

Our Clients
Here are some of our clients who have experienced first-hand our dedicated and innovative
Receivables Management solutions.

Debt Purchasing


By creating a division focusing solely on asset
management recoveries, Newvest Recoveries is
striving to be an active participant in this area.
We aim to forge strategic alliances in the area
of Debt Purchasing and so encourage Debt
Purchasing partners to contact us for more
detailed and thorough exploratory discussions.

In handling commercial recoveries, Newvest
Recoveries works as an agent for various
clients, essentially approaching debtors to
commence negotiations for repayment. If
necessary, Newvest Recoveries will organise
meetings between clients and debtors, and act
as a mediator or representative of the client.

Careers at Newvest Recoveries
Newvest Recoveries prides itself on quality staff. All members of our team are capable, dynamic
and determined individuals, eager to make a difference and go that extra mile.
We are always on the lookout for driven and progressive individuals, who are looking for a
career in the debt recoveries business. Our staff constantly think out of the box, and undergo
challenges in order to service clients, to the best of their abilities.

Get In Touch With Us
Newvest Recoveries (Head Office)
Leisure Commerce Square, Block A1, Unit 651,
Jalan PJS 8/9, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
tel: +6 03 7877 0524
fax: +6 03 9235 1102

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