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Richtec Solution India Private Limited
Flat No.3, Srivari Kikani Centre,
Krishnaswamy Road,
R.S. Puram,

Coimbatore - 641 002.
Email :

Voice Solutions
We offer you personalized customized answering
services for your callers to greet them on phone.
Richtec cmakes a world of difference for your
business with our personalized voice modulations
and cheer.
It’s not just friendly tone that makes a caller
comfortable or simply the cut out professional
demeanor, as soon as you pick up the phone and






Inbound Call

Job Dispatch

Call Services

Non Voice Solutions
Chat Support
With Richtec outsourced chat support services you can grow
your business quickly. Our chat support solutions offer customer
support, online support, technical chat support, as well as realtime chat for your customers.

Email Support
Outsourcing email support services with us means answering
email queries faster and with a better turnaround time. Save
your time and let us filter and prioritize responses to your
customer. Concentrate on business objectives and let us handle
your email responses.

Infrastructure Support
Infrastructure Support Services for all businesses from small to medium size, we offer a host of
services from systems Monitoring, complete System Administration, Database management and
Administration, Middleware Administration, Storage Management, Backup & Recovery & Tools
administration along with a host of other services.

Managed IT Solutions
Online Backup & Storage
Richtec is a leading online data backup services provider in
India and we cover a wide range to offer sound solutions for
businesses looking for online backup and storage. Most of our
managed data backup and storage services offer Cloud
Backup for MSP, VAR and IT service to deliver robust solutions.


Asset & Lifecycle


Cloud Migrations


Hardware &

Networking &


Remote Monitoring &

Service Desk

Security & Protection

Ticket Based Support

Cloud Services

Professional Services

Virtual Servers

Online Marketing
Our cost effective SEO and SEM increases traffic on
your website. Richtec SEO includes both Organic SEO
and Inorganic SEO.
Our SEM imbibes two main aspects for search engine
marketing SEO and pay-per-click or PPC. Search
engine marketing activities focus on making websites
visible on popular search engines.

Social Media Marketing
Richtec Social media marketing service is gives you total control over
your marketing presence and process. It makes it very easy for
businesses to see their branding image, review and respond, share
feedback and feel really happy and positive about doing it. Using
the power vested in social media networks and our understanding we
use your unique business offerings in the most interesting and
appealing manner.

Financial Accounting And Book-Keeping

Property Management Outsourcing
Property Management Outsourcing
Get The Right Back Office Support For Your Business With
Our Expert Services, As You Reach Towards Your Business
Our property and infrastructure business delivers
solutions, reduces costs and enhances services for a wide
range of clients.
The Need of Back Office Services for a Property
Management Business
A property management business handles:
• Real estate properties
• Tackling property owners, tenants, and prospective buyers
• Answering phone calls
• Dealing with a number of legal processes and documentation issues
• The collection of rents
• Solving problems of tenants
• Listening to complaints
• Conducting home inspections
• And much more

Software Development
Richtec is Services like PHP Web Development and
PHP website Development Company in coimbatore.
We offer professional web site that will save your
money. PHP/MySQL is the most influential scripting
language on the planet, get it professionally
developed by us. Let's make your new site engaging,
mobile and tablet-friendly, and nothing short of
successful, in whatever ways are meaningful for you.

Microsoft .net Development
Richtec and .Net go way back. Over the years we've gotten to know
.Net exceedingly well and have done some pretty exciting,
elaborate stuff with it.
If you want the nitty-gritty, here are some of the .Net technologies
we work with:
• ASP.Net MVC Framework

Website Design And Development
Content Management System
RICHTEC offers the niche Content Management
System services using various platforms in Drupal. We
integrate several content management systems for
our business clientele. We use Joomla, Word Press,
Drupal and Magento to develop content management
systems solutions in order to provide quick and easy
access to information and services.

Right from conceiving new ideas and infusing strategy we
carefully design and implement ideas for every business.
RICHTEC builds and hosts premium websites for all kinds of
businesses, from startups to small to medium and large
conglomerates as well. We offer the best offshore web
design and development. Our team provides professional &
affordable services. We customize website designs for
companies across the globe.

Mobile Application Development
Android Application Development
A fastest growing operating system of smart phone
devices has been popular with its each update. It is
absolutely vital for any business, large or small, to
obtain an app to represent itself. Richtec have well
trained workforce of developers and designers who
works together for custom Android app development.
Our Android expert team is always aware with latest
changes in Android app platform.

Cross platform application development
Richtec expertise and knowledge in development of crossplatform mobile applications is based on deployment of
standard technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.
We strive to provide and offer an unparalleled market
solution that will meet your business needs. The extensive
range of mobile devices and platforms available today
include Apple’s iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows

About Us
We are a leading preferred managed IT outsourcing
service provider. Our creativity and simple
understanding inspires us to create engaging
customer based solutions. We offer outsourcing
solutions for every kind of business.
We are what we are today because we value what
customers think and want and that forms the core of
our strategy and philosophy.

Richtec Solution India (P) LTD has a core team of experts who are well experienced in the
businesses of Tele-Marketing and data conversion. The company was incorporated as a private
limited company with a focus primarily in the BPO space since the promoters have vast
experience in the BPO industry and are the pioneers in the field.

Outsourcing Solutions
We are proud to be among select preferred service providers whose creativity and technology is
a documented strategy that helps makes business outsourcing effective.
Our insightful thinkers and inventive team uses new digital experiences to infuse innovation in to
every business solution we offer.

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