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Sommelier Sélection

Sommelier Selection is offering the best quality French wine.
Each Region presented in this catalog, was visited by our sommeliers Marc and Rémi Torres.
Selection was made according to years of experience, and after many hours of tasting while
visiting wineries!
It's not an a random selection. For making a good wine we need an history, good grapes,
brilliant oenologue, winegrower, earth (what we call in french ‘’le terroir’’), and the most
important we need a person who love his wine and knows from generations how to do it.
All the wineries and wine growers, which we chose have those skills. We are representing
each Winerie like if they were a part of our family.
With our support You can be sure to avoid mistakes, and to select only quality wine that
will be loved by your customers.
If You choose us, we provide our Sommelier Selection which will give You advantage
over competitors.

Marc and Rémi Torres


Marc Torres Sommelier :
Grand son of wine grower from Roussillon region, Marc Torres was a
part of grapes and wine world since he was born.
He graduated as a sommelier in 2008 from “l’Universite du Vin’’, and
he was traveling and working around the world. After visiting Australia
and Spain, he finally started his first company as an importer of wines in
Wine is his passion !

Photograph of Marc Torres family with “old pressoir” from 1925

Marta Domaszewicz :
Marta graduated from Mediterranean culture in Warsaw's University
and traveled to Madrid where she began to taste wines.
She become fascinated by cultural, artistic and historical aspects of
wine. After traveling to France she fell in love with french culture, food,
wine and french Sommelier !
She is taking care of the logistic, administrating staff and helping Marc
with selecting new wines.

Rémi Torres :
Wine lover, graduated at the „Wine University”. Rémi Torres has a great experience around the world as Food and Beverage
manager in a fine dining restaurants and 5 star hotels. Born in the world of the wine, he decided to share his passion and knowledge with his brother to create „Sommelier selection”.

Wineries Selection
Alsace domaine Paul Fahrer


Growing vines in Alsace, in the Eastern part of France, is an old familial tradition. Our estate was growing slowly and is
now up to 6 and half hectares ( 12 acres ). It is managed by Jean-Yves Fahrer, enologist, since 2009. Our first estate bottling was
taking place in 1950 and we’ve been producing alsacian sparkling known as “Crémant d’Alsace” since 1980.
RIESLING 2015 Les aubépines
PINOT GRIS 2012 Terroir du Haut-Koenigsbourg
PINOT GRIS 2015 Vieilles vignes
GEWURZTRAMINER 2015 Les Coquelicots

Late Harvest (Vendange tardive):

GEWURZTRAMINER 2011 Vendange tardive
Crémants d'Alsace (Alsacian sparkling wines):

5,99 €
5,99 €
6,30 €
6.40 €
6,70 €
7,10 €
6,72 €

Alsace Domaine de la tour Blanche
AOC Alsace Grand Cru Riesling Schoenenbourg :

13,00 €

Beaujolais Domaine Bertrand
Winemakers from father to son since 1956, we continue the family tradition, at the foot of the hill of Brouilly.
Rigorous work in the vineyard, the harvest done „by hand”, we take great care in the preparation of various vintages, from the
Gamay grape for our red wines and Chardonnay for our white wines.
We leave the fruit and terroir to express itself fully to give each of them its „character” and „personality.”
MOULIN A VENT Les Petits Bois 2013
FLEURIE Les Déduits 2013
FLEURIE Les Déduits 2014
BOURGOGNE BLANC- Chardonnay* 2015

7,30 €
7,10 €
7,10 €
6,72 €
6,30 €
4,90 €

Bourgogne domaine Ninot
The Ninot family has been winemakers and cooper since the 14th century. Erell is now in charge of the 12 Ha estate. She is in
charge of the winemaking while her brother Flavien is focusing on the vineyard. Finesse and elegance characterize the wines.
Erell lets the terroir do the talking intervening as less as possible in the cellar.

White wines:
Aoc Rully La Barre  Quantité limitée 2014
Aoc Rully 1er Cru  Grésigny  Quantité limitée 2014

10,90 €
13,67 €

Red wines:
Aoc RULLY „ Chaponniere”
Aoc MERCUREY Vielles Vignes 2014
Aoc RULLY 1er Cru „Marissou”  2014

10,90 €
12,50 €
14,30 €

Bourgogne Chablis Domaine George
Field of 17 Ha located in the municipality of Courgis , considered one
of the Chablis mineral soils. Concepción and Michel left the
cooperative in 1997. Their son , Jonathan and David have now joined on the property. The estate's wines are distinguished by
their freshness and minerality. Typical Chablis !
Aoc Chablis
Aoc Chablis - Vieilles Vignes
Aoc Chablis 1er Cru Montmains Les Butteaux


8,40 €
9,20 €
12,99 €

Olivier Larochette
The Domaine was created in 1921 and has been solely dedicated to wine-growing since 1972. Set in Azé, in the heart of the
Mâconnais region, it cultivates 46 hectares of vineyards.
The vineyard as a whole is run according to the principles of sustainable cultivation using non-chemical phytosanitary control
methods whenever possible and the plots are planted with grass. In 2006 they decided to create the brands Olivier Larochette
for completing their wine selection.
Bourgogne rouge, blanc 
Coteaux du Bourguignon
Haute cote de Beaune
Haute cote de Nuit
Blanc de blanc 


4.9 €
3.9 €
5.95 €
6.5 €
3.52 €

Champagne Charpentier
The Charpentier family has been involved with Champagne making in the Marne Valley for five generations. All of their wines
come from fifteen hectares they organically farm and harvest by hand. Pinot Meunier gives fruitiness, while Pinot Noir gives
structure and Chardonnay lends a floral freshness. They gently vinify each parcel separately and age the wines in oak casks for
fine bead and sublime lenght.
Tradition Brut ou Demi-Sec
Tradition Brut ou Demi-Sec; Demi-bouteille
Réserve Brut
Réserve Brut; Demi-bouteille
Réserve Brut; Magnum
Réserve Brut; Jéroboam
Rosé Brut
Rosé Brut; Demi-bouteille
Rosé Brut ; Magnum
Brut Blancs de Blancs
Brut Prestige
Brut Prestige Rosé

Brut Millésime 2006
Brut 1er Cru;
Comte de Chenizot

16.60 €
9.90 €
18.46 €
10.50 €
39.00 €
113.00 €
18.50 €
10.70 €
39.00 €
20.20 €
20.20 €
21.00 €
22.00 €
24.05 €
26.00 €
28.60 €
37.00 €

Rhône valley
Rhone Valley Domaine Gilles Flasher
White wines:
Aoc Saint-Joseph Loess


19,29 €

Aoc Condrieu Les Rouelles


26,95 €

Red wines:
Aoc Saint-Joseph Les Reines


13,20 €

Aoc Saint-Joseph Terra Louis 2012

17,15 €

Aoc Saint-Joseph Cuvée Lucie 2011

27,90 €

Rhône Valley Domaine de la Graveirette
Red wines:

VDP de la Principauté d’Orange Merlot „MUS…”
Aoc Chateauneuf du Pape
AOC cote du Rhone


3,99 €
15,60 €
5,70 €

Provence Château Matheron
The vineyard of Château Matheron covers 14 hectares on an exceptional clay and limestone terroir. The vineyard is almost one
single plot on a dry hill facing south. Paul Bernard has been the owner and winemaker of the Château since 1992. Most of production is devoted to rosé, always very pale, vinous, complex and well balanced.

Red Wines:

Aoc Côtes de Provence M’ Tradition
Aoc Côtes de Provence M’ Réserve

Rose Wines:

Aoc Côtes de Provence M’ Tradition
Aoc Côtes de Provence M’ Réserve


6,30 €
7,30 €


5,90 €
7,28 €

Languedoc Château de Bagnoles
Château de Bagnoles is located at the border of Minervois and Cabardès appellations, 10 minutes driving from Carcassonne.
Jean Panis is managing a 70 Ha estate owned by his family since the 15th century.
Like the character, Jean wines are powerful and generous, yet very elegant.

White Wines:
Aoc Minervois

Red and Rose Wines:

IGP Coteaux de Peyriac Cabernet-Sauvignon
Aoc Minervois Cuvée Les Combes
Aoc Minervois Cuvée Grande Réserve
IGP Cite de Carcassonne


3,90 €


3,40 €
4,20 €
6,90 €
2,70 €

Languedoc Cellier des Demoiselles
A sincere and original story:

The ‘Cellier des Demoiselles’ tells a story about the village’s young women
who have not only replaced their husband gone at the frontline in 1914 but also
deeply changed our vision about wines.
They taught us that producing wine is the creation of emotions from our local
products : to make us feel the beauty of our landscapes, smell the perfume of
our flowers but also to feel the sun’s softness.
These women said that ‘Wine is an Art, Art that needs to be shared with the
loved ones.
VDP 100% Chardonnay White
AOP Corbieres Domaine des Vals White
AOP Corbieres Domaine des Vals Rose
AOP Corbieres Domaine des Vals Red
AOP Corbieres Red des Demoiselles
AOP Corbieres Laurentaise


2,70 €
2,70 €
2,70 €
3,30 €
3,30 €
4,40 €

South West
Domaian Augeron
The Augeron Domain dates back to about the beginning of the fourteenth century. Augeron at the time was a noble house titled
meaning that its owner was noble with the title of Lord and with all the benefits that entailed, including tax exemption.
In 1997 he planted the Cabernet Franc and Merlot to develop a quality red wine. It was founded in 2000 and now enables Jean
Claude offer a complete range. Indeed vineyards composed in equal parts of white and red varieties are causing a production of
red wine, rosé, dry white and sweet white .
VDP des landes les sables fauves blanc 2014  1,90 €
VDP des landes les sables fauves rouge  2014 1,90 €

Domaine d’Escausses
Jean-Marc is the seventh generation of Balaran in Gaillac. He works 40 Ha mostly planted with local grape varieties (Braucol,
Duras, Mauzac, ...). The quality of Jean-Marc wines is of notable regularity. Concentration, power and roundness characterize

White Wines:

Aoc Gaillac Sec „L’Ombre Fraîche”
Aoc Gaillac „Cuvée Vend. Dorées” Liquoreux

Red Wines:

Aoc Gaillac „Cuvée des Drilles”
Aoc Gaillac „Cuvée Vigne Blanche” - 20 % fût
Aoc Gaillac „Cuvée Croix Petite” - 1 an en fûts


3,80 €
8,60 €


3,90 €
5,30 €
7,90 €

Domaine de Cause
Martine and Serge Costes are young winegrowers who settled in 1994 on the top of a lovely hill overlooking the Lot River.
They enjoy an excellent terroir of 15 Ha on the AOC Cahors, mainly planted in Malbec, the traditional grape variety of the
region. Domaine de Cause wines are internationally renowned for their power and concentration, always accompanied by a
pleasant freshness.

Red Wines:

Aoc Cahors Tradition
2012 4,90€
Aoc Cahors „La Lande Cavagnac” - 1 an en fûts 2012 8,65€
Aoc Cahors „Notre Dame des Champs”
2011 17,82€

Domaine Coustarret
Sebastien Bordenave Coustarret is leading this 5 ha domain located on the highest point of the Jurançon appellation.
The silty-clay steep hillsides are south oriented and face the Pyrenees. A key word here: balance! Thanks to Petit Manseng
grapes (80% of the dry Jurançon blend), Sébastien wines combine freshness and power.
Aoc Jurançon Moelleux „Vent d’Ange”
Aoc Jurançon Moelleux „Cuvée Barou” - 50 cL


9,30 €
11,99 €

Château Fredignac
As soon as he came back to the family-domain in 2011, Vincent L’Amouller decided to convert the vineyard to organic.
He actually followed his father’s path, who was managing the Château under the “Terra Vitis” label. 2014 is the first
organic certified vintage.
Purity of the fruit and natural balance of the wines are Château Frédignac main marks.
Red Wines:
Aoc Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux „F de Frédignac”
2012 3,92 €
Aoc Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Cuvée Terroir
2012 4,90 €

Château Hourbanon
Delayat Hughes took over the estate in 1997. He operates with a great respect of the typicity of the Médoc wines, of the terroir
and the environment. The vines are 40 years old, planted at high-density and low yield. It leads to very concentrated wines,
mainly based on Cabernet-Sauvignon, with a great ability to age.
Aoc Médoc Château R.C. DELAYAT
Aoc Médoc Château Hourbanon - 18 mois en futs
Aoc Médoc Château Hourbanon - 18 mois en futs



Château Bardin
Vines have been grown in Bardins for more than three centuries. 9,5 Ha of the estate are now planted with vines, mostly with
red grape varieties (50% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Cabernet Franc). In its center, a beautiful chateau
stands, built in 1852. Far from the caricatures we often find in Pessac-Leognan, Château Bardins wines remain elegant and
complex with well-balanced oak ageing.
Aoc Pessac-Léognan Château Bardins
Aoc Pessac-Léognan Château Bardins



Bordeaux Chateau Minvielle
The familiar estate is situated on one of the renown hill sides of the entre deux mers region. The vineyard consists of 56 hectares of productive vines, 45 hectares of red and 11 hectares of white wine. Over time, many improvements have been made to
the vinification process, barrel ageing. However, the château Minvielle is also reknown for conserving old traditions.
Bordeaux Blanc 
Bordeaux Rouge
Bordeaux Superieur Rouge  2012

2.9 €
2.9 €
3.1 €

Domaine Rin du Bois
Domaine du Rin du Bois spreads on 20 hectares located in the eastern part of the Touraine appellation. Pascal Jousselin
grows and vinifies all local grapes varieties in integrated farming on flint clay soils.
Maturity and balance are the keywords at Domaine du Rin du Bois. The wines are often rich and always elegant.
White Wines:
Aoc Touraine Sauvignon blanc


4,40 €


3,95 €

Aoc Touraine Les Charmilles (Cabernet Franc) 2011

4,30 €

Aoc Touraine Noble Terre (Pinot Noir)

4,48 €

Red Wines:
Aoc Touraine Réserve


Domaine Pabiot
Domnique is the fifth generation of Pabiot in Pouilly-Sur-Loire. He manages a 11Ha estate located on Clay-limestone
terroirs and Kimmeridgian marl. Dominique wines perfectly illustrate the typical wines of Pouilly-Fumé: Intensity, fatness
and balance.
White Wines:
Aoc Pouilly Fumé Cuvée „Les Vieilles Terres”
Aoc Pouilly Fumé Cuvée „Plaisir”


7,75 €
9,90 €

Cognac Dupeyrat Organic
The Distillerie du Peyrat is located in a quaint village of the same name situated on the “Via Agrippa” which linked Lyon and
the Atlantic coast during the ancient Roman era. Our Cognacs are born by a small river in the gentle Charente countryside,
10 km from the city of Cognac. Before becoming Cognac, our wines are submitted to a trial by fire and copper imposed by the
propitious alchemy of the Charente pot still. Distillation is an accomplishment, an essential task confided only to specialists;
insofar as the Distillerie du Peyrat is concerned, its secrets remain closely guarded since 1725 when an ancestor of our family
set up shop as a “marchand brûleur”.
Organic Selection Cognac
Organic Rare Cognac
Organic XO 0.5 l
Organic Grand Siecle 1969

8.9  €
17.6 €
39.0 €
490 €

Armagnac Beaumont
Armagnac Beaumont is a distiller based in the heart of Gascony, founded the family business in 1905, in order to conserve his
refined elixirs.
Passing down his savoir-faire through the five family generations, today his great grandchildren conserve his passion, running
the family company.
Armagnac Napoleon
Armagnac Hors d’age
Armagnac XO 

21 €
29 €
34 €

Millesimes : Many Millesimes avialable form 1890

Wine Selection
After many years of Experiences, we decide to open our new section with different wine from
different wineries in this category we select only the wine for completing our selection and making
your portfolio complete !

Bordeaux is a complex region after many tasting we decided to select this wine who required all the quality : Terroir, quality
price and typical taste from the AOP. We find the best quality price for you !
Lalande de Pomerol Chateau Changrolle
Montagne Saint Emillion Château tour de Gillet
Saint Emillion Château Puy Razac
Saint Emillion Grand crux Château La Croix Calendreau
Château Goulefaisan Haut Medoc
Château Cousteau Graves
Château Lafond Canon de Fronsac


7.2 €
5.95 €
6.7 €
9.9 €
5.95 €
4.5 €
4.1 €

Les Crus de Bourgogne
19.9 €

Domaine Jérome CHEZEAUX
Vosne Romanee 1er crus les Chaumes
Clos Vougeot Grand Crus 

Domaine de la Galopiere :
Aloxe Corton
Savigny les Beaune

26 €
19 €
32 €

Domaine Bitouzet Prieur
Puligny Montrachet 1er Cru "Les Champs Gains" 2011  65 €
Meursault 1er Cru "Charmes"
2013  39 €
Volnay 1er Cru "Taillepieds"
2013  36 €

Domaine Christian Clerget 
Echezeaux Grand crus 

99 €

Marchand Grillot :
Gevrey Chambertin



49.9 €
79 €

South of France
Cote Du Rhône :
Chantecôtes cote Du Rhône 
Chantecôtes Gigondas 
Chantecôtes Vacqueyras 

4.5 €
9.9 €
8.9 €

Rose de Provence :
Vin de pays Les Terrasses de Saint Tropez  3.1 €
Cote de Provence Saint Tropez 
4.9 €

Grand Crus
From Bordeaux to Burgundy, from Petrus to Mouton Rothschild Sommelier Selection propose you the best grand
crus selection, stock is limited, if you are interested please join our newsletter!

Contact us
Remi Torres

Mobile : +33 970 468 967
Wechat : remi0401
Skype : torres.remi

Marc Torres

Mobile : +33 970 460 233
Wechat : marco3866
Skype : marco3866

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