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Diverticulitis Treatment Guide .pdf

Nom original: Diverticulitis Treatment Guide.pdf

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I was diagnosed with diverticular disease 10 years
ago. I had numerous and repetitive flare ups in my
first 2 years after being diagnosed.There are
hundreds of articles on the net that will tell you
that diverticulitis can be cured by eating high fibre
foods. This advice is actually false and misleading
as an increase of fibre in your diet can actually
worsen your condition. Do you know there is a difference between soluble fibre
and insoluble fibre? Do you know you shouldn’t have any fibre when you are
experiencing a flare up? I learnt the hard way.

So if you want to get solid advice on how to treat and prevent flare ups of
diverticulitis, start with my FREE personal treatment and prevention guide. The
aim of this webpage is to offer you a wealth of information not only in respect
of diverticular disease but other stomach illnesses as well. Knowledge is power.
Armed with knowledge you can be on the road to recovery in no

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